All Thanksgiving Partners event rewards in Monopoly GO

Thanksgiving Partners Event In Monopoly Go
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The partners’ events are the most anticipated events in Monopoly GO, and now we’ve got access to the Thanksgiving Partners event! Will your feasts be prepared in time?

How long does the Thanksgiving Partners Event Last?

As is usual with partner events, the Thanksgiving Partners event will last for 5 days in Monopoly GO, ending on the 26th of November. So you may want to start preparations now for your four feasts!

Considering this is a themed partners event, and not a normal one, it is slightly unusual that it’s only on for 5 days and not 7 days, like the Halloween partners event, Spooky Cars, was on for. Perhaps it is because Thanksgiving isn’t as international as Halloween.

How does the Thanksgiving Partners event work in Monopoly GO?

In the Thanksgiving Partners event, four new attractions – in the form of Thanksgiving Dishes – will adorn your board. For each attraction, you’ll need to invite a player to help you build it up. You can’t build an attraction without a partner for it, so get inviting right away.

Monopoly Go Thanksgiving
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With your partner, you’ll both be spinning a wheel for each attraction to try and earn points. The higher your multiplier, the more points that go toward building it. Each attraction has different reward thresholds, and upon completing all four attractions, you’ll earn the grand prize.

To spin the wheel, you need points. These points are earned through picking them up from the board or as rewards from other events and outlets. For the next five days, almost every reward will be joined by some Thanksgiving Partners spin tokens.

All Rewards and Milestones for the Thanksgiving Partners Event

Below is a list of the rewards that each attraction will get you in the Thanksgiving Partners Event, alongside the points needed to get there.

Points RequiredRewards
2,500200 Free Rolls
12,500300 Free Rolls and a Pink Sticker Pack
25,000400 Free Rolls and a Blue Sticker Pack
35,000500 Free Rolls, Cash, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

When all four attractions are complete, you’ll earn 5,000 rolls, a Galaxy Sticker Pack, and the limited Pumpkin Pie Player Token.

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Best way to win the Thanksgiving Partners Event

The best way to win the Thanksgiving Partners event is to make sure that you are playing with active members. Reaching out to friends who are playing the game or reaching out on social media is a great way to find active players who want partners.

You’ll also want to be as active as possible for all other events going on. Being able to get far in other events will allow you to get far in this one, as you’ll be able to spin the wheels more!

Can you Remove or Switch Partners in the Thanksgiving Partners Event?

Like in previous partners events, you cannot switch your partners once you’ve made them – so be sure to only invite or accept invitations from players you know are active!

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