All the Arma you could ask for in Humble Weekly Bundle

All the Arma you could ask for in Humble Weekly Bundle

The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is a Bohemia Interactive-themed monstrosity, with rather a lot of Arma inside.

I suppose the headline might actually be untrue, because this bundle doesn’t include Arma 3… or at least, not yet; I admit I’d be surprised if it turned up in here, but you never know. There is still a game to come in the $20 tier.

Oh yes, right, tiers. The “pay anything” tier (which generally means $1 or more) offers Arma: Gold Edition, Arma 2, Alpha Prime, UFO: Afterlight, the Take On Helicopters Bundle, Fish Fillets 2, and “another game coming soon.” I know, I know. You’re wondering what Fish Fillets 2 is. Apparently, it’s an underwater puzzle game in which you control fish secret agents.

The next tier up is the “pay more than the average” tier, which right now means $3.95 or more. This throws in Arma Tactics, and bunch of DLCs and expansions for Arma 2Operation Arrowhead, British Armed Forces, Private Military Company, and the DayZ Mod. Which is a bit cheeky since that’s free, but a little note to the side mentions that it requires both Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead, so I guess that is technically the tier that’ll make DayZ function. And, yes, there’s another game due to be added to this tier.

Then there’s the $20 tier, which offers the Early Access Take On Mars, and another game that has yet to be added. Finally, there’s the $100 tier which gives you every Bohemia game on Steam.

No idea what the games yet to be added will be, though. Arma 3 might be a bit of a long shot, but I wouldn’t be too surprised by Carrier Command: Gaea Mission popping up in one of the earlier tiers. Hmm.

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