All the news highlights and trailers from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018

All The News Highlights And Trailers From Pc Gaming Show At E3 2018

This is the one show PC gamers should have tuned in for and there were a few E3 2018 reveals to get excited about. There were a total of three battle royale offerings this year in the show which was not bad considering how many are actually in development.

What is great about this event is the diverse mix of titles from indies to AAAs. There was also a giant duck in a chef’s hat for Drake’s Cakes which has to be one of the weirdest sponsors I’ve seen. Anyway, start watching all the trailers below, there are some good ones.

PC Gaming Show E3 2018 News Highlights

  • Coffee Stain studios revealed Satisfactory and there will be an alpha test coming soon.
  • Neo Cab from Chance Agency is an emotional survival game set in the future as a cab driver. More at neocabgame.com.
  • Battle royale title Mavericks Proving Grounds will have 5 man squad with 1000 players.
  • The Forgotten City is a now a standalone game based on the award-winning Skyrim mod.
  • Star Control Origins is Stardock’s open universe ARPG. Launches 20 September 2018
  • Hunt: Showdown is getting new weapons just after E3 (see trailer below).
  • Multiplayer mech title Archangel: Hellfire will launch 17 July
  • The Sinking City is the upcoming open-world third-person action investigation game (see trailer below).
  • Warframe showed off called The Sacrifice content update with a trailer (see below). Releases this week on PC.
  • Killing Floor 2 updates are coming very soon starting with Treacherous Skies The Summer Sideshow. A weapon upgrade system is coming. This content launches tomorrow
  • Tripwire is also becoming a publisher to help developers. They will now be publishing Road Redemption.
  • Tripwire’s new game is Maneater. You play as a shark in an open world action RPG and quite simply eat people and there’s even a full campaign and shark ‘skills’.
  • Bravery Network Online was announced.
  • Morningstar was announced.
  • Action platform horror title Overwhelm was announced and is available right now.
  • Insomniac showed off their upcoming VR title Stormland (see trailer below).
  • Noir investigation game Night Call was shown (see trailer below).
  • Stylish open-world narrative game Sable was shown (see trailer below).
  • Star Citizen decided to show something this year with footage of what’s coming up in alpha 3.2 (maybe).
  • Build and manage a space vessel in Genesis Alpha One and explore (see trailer below). Release date set for 4 September.
  • More Just Cause 4 footage was shown focusing on the power of the Apex Engine (see trailer below).
  • Starbreeze’s The Walking Dead releases on November 6 in US and November 8 in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Action rogue-like procedurally generated Noita was shown.
  • A new trailer for Two Pint Hospital (see trailer below). Releases this autumn 2018.
  • Ooblets trailer showed the combat system.
  • Anno 1800 was shown.
  • TinyBuild showed developer Galvanic’s isometric cartoony battle royale Rapture Rejects which comes with a great trailer (see below). Alpha sign-ups at Rapturerejects.com.

PC Gaming Show E3 2018 Trailers


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