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All Tix locations in Clip It Roblox Classic

Why did they have to be in the dark levels?

Finding all the Tix in Clip It for the Roblox Classic event takes a little time and some know-how. However, with this guide, you’ll fly through the challenge in no time.

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Where to find the Tix in Clip It

Pop into the game for these Tix, and check the guide for all their various locations. Once you have these, check out all the hidden surprises in Roblox Classic.

Tix #1 (Crossroads)

The first Tix you can collect in Clip It can be found by heading to Crossroads in the Classic tab. From here, immediately turn right from the spawn point and head up the white ladder at the end of the pathway. Once you get to the top, jump up the block in front of you to grab the first Tix.

Tix #2 (Crossroads)

From the location of the first Tix in Clip It, you should be able to see a teleporter just below you in the green area. Use it to be teleported to a tower. Here you need to drop down the ladder and use the teleporter you’re dropped beside. This one will transport you to the next Tix location in Clip It for Roblox Classic.

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Tix #3 (Glass House)

For the next Tix, head to the Glass House location in the Classic tab. Climb over the house directly in front of you and make your way up the glass elevator at the side of the map. From here, you will notice two teleporters. Use the one on the left to be teleported to the next Tix location in Clip It.

Roblox Classic Clip It Tix 5
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Tix #4+5 (Haunted Mansion)

Make your way to the Haunted Mansion location for two more Tix. The first one you will find is right in the attic of the Haunted Mansion itself. The next one can be found by jumping up the rock formation outside the front of the mansion and to the right if you’re facing away from it. Here, this structure is hollow and you will find the next Tix by jumping down inside it from the top.

Roblox Classic Clip It Tix Haunted House
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Tix #6+7 (Computer Labs)

Now, in the Darkness Tab, look for Computer Labs, where we can find yet another 2 Tix in Roblox Clip It. The Computer Labs are an absolute maze and a nightmare to find your way around, but by heading out of the spawn point to your right, turning left, and following the corridors around, you will eventually come to a hole in the wall. Jump through this to access the server room. The first Clip It Tix is under the central walkway bridge. To get the second one, go back onto the bridge and into the corridor opposite where you entered.

This Tix is hidden behind some bars, but you can get to it by going into first-person mode and edging through the bars. It is overly complicated, but if you want to get all the Tix for the Roblox Classic events awards, you’re going to need it.

Clip It Tix 7 Roblox Classic
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Tix #8 (Facility)

The Facility is found under the Darkness tab. From the spawn take the door on the far left, turn left again, and head right up the ladder, making your way straight forward. Take a right down the stairs and then a left into the blue room. In this room, turn right and head through the door on the left of the room to grab the next Tix in Clip It.

Clip It Tix 8
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Tix #9+10 (Prototype)

The last two Tix are in the Clip It Prototype map, which is, again, under the Darkness tab. Exit the spawn room and turn immediately left. Continue on into the next room up ahead and keep on until you have just passed under what looks like a fallen pillar. To your left, you will see a Tix up on a tower of boxes.

Clip It Tix Roblox 10
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Jump down from these boxes and make your way to the other side of the room. Here you will find a ramp heading up to the left. Next, make your way to the top of the ramp and through the door on your right. At the top of the ramp, enter the next room and take a right, continuing forward until you are on the bridge. At the end of this bridge, jump onto the very thick black ledge running around the white cube. Then, edge all the way around this until you reach the opposite side. Here, you will see the final Tix in Clip It Roblox Classic mode.

Now, you can move on to the next location to find Tix in Roblox.

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