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All Tix locations in Dress to Impress Roblox Classic

At least they're all in one spot.

Locating all of the Tix in Roblox Classic can be a task. If you have attempted Gunfight Arena in Roblox, you might understand why searching for the Tix can take time. For Dress to Impress this might be the case. If you’re having difficulty finding the locations of all the Tix in Dress to Impress in Roblox Classic, this guide can walk you through it.

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Roblox Classic: All Tix locations in Dress to Impress

Unlike Adopt Me where the Tix are scattered throughout the map resulting in them being very hard to find, Dress to Impress looks like a different story. Instead of running around, you’ll be focused on one building which could make finding all the Tix a breeze. Additionally, you may find two or three Tix together, in turn, making finding all ten Tix fast. 

To find all ten Tix, you’re going to want to search every corner and room in this building. Below we’ll go over each spot. So keep this guide at arm’s length. 

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All locations of the Tix

Tix #1, 2, and 3: You can find the first three Tix in a room with three mirrors on the right-hand wall as soon as you enter. The first Tix will be facing a wall beside one of the mirrors. Tix number 2 will be in front of the supply rack near the middle of the room, and the third Tix is behind a pillar on the opposite side of the spot where you found the first Tix.

Tix #4: Make your way out of the room you’re in and head to the other side of the circular structure in the main room. The fourth Tix will be beside a mannequin.

Tix #5: If you stay in the Lobby, navigate upwards till you see the L shape in the layout. Beside a dress showcase, you should see Tix number five.

All Tix Locations In Adopt Me Roblox Classic Featured Image
Image: Roblox Cooperation

Tix #6: Directly across from where you are is a small nook, you should see the sixth Tix.

Tix # 7,8,9, and 10: To get the last four Tix, you must have got all the Tix in the main Lobby. If you follow this guide sequence, you should have them already. After you have the Tix in the Lobby, make your way to the circular platform in the middle of the room. The seventh Tix will located here. When you go into the other room, the eighth and ninth Tix are right in front of you. For the last Tix, head to where you picked up the last two Tix, and you should see a wall that can be climbedJump down, and look backward, the tenth one will be there. 

There’s more in Roblox The Classic than finding Tix. Seems there are tons of secrets that are waiting to be uncovered. 

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