All Unobtainable Mythic Evolutions in Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures In Roblox
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Not all units are there to stay in Anime Adventures. Every now and then, typically with the rollout of new updates, limited Mythical units hit the scene and are available for a limited time only.

When they expire, they become unobtainable, and therefore their evolutions do, too.

How to use this list

If you want to see if a unit you’re after has become obsolete, as you are struggling to find them anywhere, then heed this catalog. This is a pretty long list, so you may want to click ‘control’ and ‘F’ at the same time to enter your PC or laptop into find mode. Type the name of the character you’re after, and if they’re on this list, then I have bad news.

For tablet and phone users, you’ll have to scroll. The list is alphabetical, so use it as though a dictionary.

Are these units truly unobtainable?

Each of these evolutions are unobtainable as their previous form are no longer available. At least in the intended way. All of these units can be traded, however. If you manage to get someone to part with their unobtainable mythic unit, you can evolve it if you have the right ingredients. Although those evolutions will mostly require items that are unobtainable, too.

Beeruh Crafting Station In Anime Adventures
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So, your best bet here is to find someone willing to part with one of these evolved mythic units. Just be mindful of the trade tax, which could get extremely expensive.

Note that trading is only available to players over level 40.

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Unobtainable Mythical Evolved Units in Anime Adventures

Below is every unobtainable unit in Anime Adventures.

Akena (Fallen Angel)

Akin (Contract)

Angel (Devil)

Aokijo (Blue Pheasant)

Avdo (Magician’s Red)

Broke (Soul King)

Carrot (Sulong)

Chainsaw (Hybrid)

Charmi (Sheep)

Ezra (Lightning)

Ezra (True Heart)

Ezra (Valkyrie)

Gabimaro (Ascetic Blaze)

Ghacco (Album)

Ging (Sacred Spear)

Growthy (Invasion)

Haka (Reflection)

Hanje (Captain)

Harribu (Shark Empress)

Haze (Rage)

Heathcliff (Admin)

Heavy Weather

Hime (Ghost)

Issai (Boosted Gear)

Klay (Bachelor) 

Kizume (Tailless Beast)

Kobeno (Scared)

Kuneko (Hell-Cat)

Kyoka (Scarlet Lance)

Lucky (Thunder Fiend) 

Madoko (Salvation)

Mamy (Holy)

Mash (Muscles)

Mirka (Tiger Bunny)

Moriu (Shadow Lord)

Navi (Thief)

Peruna (Ghost Princess)

Power (Fiend)

Ria (Devil Princess)

Sayako (Sapphire Blade)

Thor (Awakened)

Todorro (Released)

Toshin (Dragon Lotus)

Vas (Cross)

Yoshina (Spirit)

There you have it, all the unobtainable Mythical units in Anime Adventures. For more help with Anime Adventures, look no further than PC Invasion.