All weapon tier upgrade locations in Blasphemous 2

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Much like its predecessor, Blasphemous 2 allows you to express yourself on the canvas of combat by building out each of your weapons along a unique skill tree. All three weapons, the Veredicto, Sarmiento and Centella, and the Ruego Al Alba, have three tiers of skills you can purchase, the latter two of which must first be unlocked by locating statues out in the world. Since the skills you can purchase get more powerful the higher into these tiers you go, finding all of the weapon tier upgrade locations in Blasphemous 2 should be a priority for every player. In this guide, I’ll show you how to do just that.

Where to find all of the weapon tier upgrade statues in Blasphemous 2

Before we get into the guide proper, it’s worth noting that all of these upgrades require access to your full arsenal of three core weapons, so make sure you’ve secured those before you start your search. Some require additional Abilities as well, but those will be specified in each individual entry.

Veredicto – Upgrade 1

Location: Elevated Temples

Requirements: None

You can find the first Veredicto tier upgrade in the Elevated Temples area. From the second Prie Dieu in the area, the one on the far left, head down one screen and then right. In this room, you’ll need to hit a bell with Veredicto and quickly jump across the platforms that appear. Once you do, you can grab the upgrade in the next room on the right.

Veredicto – Upgrade 2

Location: Sunken Cathedral

Requirements: None

The second Veredicto upgrade is found in the Sunken Cathedral, an area found deep, both literally and figuratively, into the game. From the first Prie Dieu in the area, cross the big first room and exit in the top-left, then head left, up, and right at the first opportunity. Make your way back over to the right, through some tricky enemy encounters, then make your way to the top-right exit of the J-shaped room you find yourself in. Solve a brief puzzle with the Veredicto to open the way, and you’ll find the upgrade in the small room to the right, directly above the first Prie Dieu.

Sarmiento and Centella – Upgrade 1

Location: Choir of Thorns

Requirements: Passage of Ash Ability

In the twisting room to the right of the first Prie Dieu in choir of Thorns, the same place where one of the game’s hidden Cobijada Sisters can be found, you can find a statue in the bottom-left that opens up a door in the middle-right of the room. Interact with this statue, and quickly make your way into the next room using the Passage of Ash. Once here, you’ll find yourself in a square room with a brief Sarmiento and Centella platforming challenge waiting for you. Complete this, and you’ll loop around to where the upgrade statue lies at the bottom of the room.

Sarmiento and Centella – Upgrade 2

Location: Elevated Temples

Requirements: Passage of Ash and Mercy of the Wind Abilities

The second Sarmiento and Centella upgrade statue is found in the Elevated Temples, in the upper section pictured above, right and up from the Chapel of the Five Doves. You’ll need the Passage of Ash and Mercy of the Wind Abilities to access this room, then once you’re in you’ll need to use the Sarmiento and Centella alongside the Ruego Al Alba’s slam ability to loop up, around, and down to where the statue is.

Ruego Al Alba – Upgrade 1

Location: Beneath Her Sacred Grounds

Requirements: Passage of Ash Ability

You’ll find the first Ruego Al Alba tier upgrade statue in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, at the end of the path that branches off to the right of the area’s main shaft. You’ll need the Passage of Ash Ability to get through this path, found after defeating Afilaor, Sentinel of the Emery, the boss of the area. Once you have it, complete the straightforward platforming section to claim the statue at the end.

Ruego Al Alba – Upgrade 2

Location: Crown of Towers

Requirements: Passage of Ash and Mercy of the Wind Abilities

The second Ruego Al Alba tier upgrade statue is located in the Crown of Towers, in the top-right section of the area. To access this section, you’ll need both the Passage of Ash and Mercy of the Wind Abilities. Once you’re in, you’ll need to interact with a statue to lower a lift on the right, then rush round to use a Ruego Al Alba slam on the platform before it rises too high, in order to clear the path to the statue.

And there you have it: a full list of all the weapon tier upgrade locations in Blasphemous 2. Each of these will greatly increase the power and flexibility of their respective weapons, making them priority pickups as soon as you hit the mid-game and have the Abilities necessary to track them down.

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