Blazing Chrome

One of the only reasons that Blazing Chrome exists is largely due to nostalgia. That, and Konami hasn’t really done anything with the Contra franchise in far too long. JoyMasher has dedicated their time to grabbing the baton to themselves. Now they’re getting ready for Blazing Chrome‘s launch tomorrow, July 11, and its 2D scrolling shooter revival.

Bad to the chrome

One of the reasons for the interest in Blazing Chrome might be that, on paper — err, trailers — it’s almost a carbon-copy of Contra. The Contra games haven’t seen a recent adaptation in years, save for if you count the recent Nintendo Switch re-release. Not only that, the PC platform hasn’t been part of the discussion, mostly due to the series being synonymous with consoles.

If you’re curious as to where Blazing Chrome lands on the action scale, the developers pin it somewhere between “Contra and Metal Slug.” For anyone who has enjoyed the prior two titles from yesteryear, you’ll note each had their own levels of difficulty for different reasons. That’s especially true when you take a look at the sheer mass of enemies that managed to find their way on screen in the Metal Slug series of games.

Cooperative cooperation

Cooperative, a.k.a. co-op, modes have all but been forgotten in recent years. This has been mostly due to the accessibility of online multiplayer modes, which don’t require you to have both players share a single screen. In the case of Blazing Chrome, that will very much be within its DNA. Yet again, this calls back to the games that came before it.

Blazing Chrome launches tomorrow, July 11. The game will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch and will cost $16.99 USD. This price isn’t listed on the official Steam page as of yet, but you currently still add the game to your wishlist if you please.

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