Dead Cells biome chest

Last month, the final paid DLC for Dead Cells, titled The Queen and the Sea, finally dropped, and it provided a climax about as exciting as one could hope for. Having said that, the DLC does not mark the end of Dead Cells as a whole. Developer Motion Twin has even more free updates in store on top of the more than 20 updates that have already come out. One of these updates has already entered the alpha stage, and Dead Cells fans can freely try it out to get a first look at an upcoming biome, dubbed The Bank.

According to a Steam update, the new Bank biome turns up randomly during any given run, and it replaces the biomes that would normally show up once players enter it. To access it, simply get to the standard final boss, the Hand of the King, at least once. Those who have already done so can come across The Bank during their next run. You enter The Bank by opening a special chest that appears in between most biomes, and you’ll have to open it right there and then, otherwise, you won’t encounter the chest again for the remainder of the run.


What’s The Bank all about?

As the name suggests, The Bank almost entirely centers around gold. The enemies, weapons, and mutations that come with it all have some kind of gold-related mechanic, and players can even “take out a loan for gold at the beginning of the level” that they need to pay back in full once they reach the end. Those who explore a bit will find devious platforming sequences that offer beneficial rewards if you can safely make it through them.

This new Bank biome promises to give Dead Cells even more longevity than it already has. By the time the finished version of it comes out, it should hopefully be free of any crippling bugs or other issues.

Dead Cells biome Bank

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