I’d imagine this is just for the beta, the final version should have full character creation.

These videos are entirely likely to be removed from YouTube in due course, so if you’re interested in taking a look at the Dark Souls 2 beta in motion you’d better get in there and watch them before it’s too late. The limited beta is only available in Japan at present, which would probably explain why all of the menu texts are in Japanese. Still, even if you can’t read that there’s quite a bit to enjoy.

At least I’m assuming there is. To be quite honest I want to avoid seeing too much of Dark Souls 2, so I’ve only really watched enough to confirm that this is indeed footage from that game. The first video shows a spot of white-phantom co-op action, while the second starts off with a cloaked fellow going backstab-happy with a spear. Both videos were uploaded by (ahem) ‘wanko Leo’ to YouTube and come from reddit.

Again, these will probably be taken down soon. Apologies if they already have by the time you’re reading this; but no doubt bits and pieces of Dark Souls 2 beta footage will be popping up between now and next March.

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