You can expect the next few Bethesda published titles to open with a big AMD logo, as the two companies have announced a “long-term strategic partnership”. As far as I can tell that announcement currently extends to a pair of tweets (one from each company), and took place at Game Developers Conference 2017.

    Branding from AMD’s upcoming ‘Vega’ line of GPUs has previously been sighted in association with the upcoming (and Bethesda-published) Prey from Arkane. By the sounds of things, future Bethesda titles will now go the same way.

    It could also mean a further push for the Vulkan API (an alternative to DirectX) in Bethesda games. DOOM made use of it to great effect on AMD hardware, so that would be a logical progression. With few actual details confirmed yet, however, that’s in the realm of speculation.

    Peter Parrish

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