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AMD is in a position where it needs to play catchup. Not on the CPU side of things, obviously, but on the GPU side. While Big Navi, the nickname given to AMD’s RX 6000 Series cards, is impressive, it has its drawbacks. Notably, these cards, even the RX 6900 XT, don’t have fantastic performance with ray tracing or as an alternative to Nvidia’s DLSS. However, one of those might be changing very soon.

According to Prohardvare, a Hungarian hardware news site, AMD is preparing for the release of its own FidelityFX Super Resolution this Spring. This technique, originally teased at the Big Navi reveal, will bring super sampling akin to Nvidia’s DLSS to AMD’s cards. The only thing users will have to do to get this new feature is keep their GPU software up to date.

What will FidelityFX Super Resolution mean for AMD cards?

In short, when this super sampling technique is made available, we’re going to see a shift on the GPU battlefield. Nvidia has had two things going for its 3000 Series cards: ray tracing and DLSS. The latter is an AI upscaling technique that uses machine learning to upscale a lower resolution image into a higher one. With it, players can take their 1080p image and turn it straight into 4K. Paired with Nvidia’s ray tracing tech, these two let users play games at high resolutions with ray tracing on and still achieve acceptable framerates.

However, if AMD can give its cards the same upscaling technique, team red will have a chance to cut into Nvidia’s market. AMD already has the edge when it comes to cost and power consumption when it comes to new GPUs. However, if team red can develop its FidelityFx Super Resolution technique well enough, it may just be able to give Nvidia a run for its money. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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