American Truck Simulator Kansas Scs Wip (copy)
Screenshot via SCS Software

After releasing a simple teaser video a few weeks ago, SCS has formally come out and revealed that Kansas is indeed the next map expansion for American Truck Simulator. This will follow the release of the Oklahoma map expansion, which is still in development.

SCS has released its first batch of images from the Kansas expansion, giving us a look at the virtual state’s landscape and architecture. Kansas is another “rural” state, mostly comprised of rolling hills and large fields with a few small towns scattered in between and very little in the way of what can be considered an urban sprawl.

When it releases, it will be the first state in the game to officially push into what is considered to be the US Midwest region, which is comprised of 12 states in total.

American Truck Simulator Kansas Scs Wip 2 (copy)

Screenshot via SCS Software

American Truck Simulator moves to Kansas in next expansion

American Truck Simulator continues to venture eastward bit by bit. The landscape will continue to shift away from the arid desert and large rock formations to more greener, flatter pastures and larger metropolitan concrete jungles. The recently-released Texas map expansion provided the biggest example of this shift, as it encompassed almost all of the US’ topographical and geographical features due to its immense size.

Despite being much smaller, both Oklahoma and Kansas will provide great views of beautiful landscapes. There’s currently no release information for either of these expansions.

American Truck Simulator Kansas Scs Wip 3 (copy)

Screenshot via SCS Software

But, looking at the trend of how SCS has released past expansions, it will likely only be a few more months for the Oklahoma expansion to come out, with Kansas likely being ready by the summer. Nebraska should be the next state to follow Kansas, before we (hopefully) get to both North and South Dakota.

For more on the Kansas map expansion for American Truck Simulator, check out its new Steam page.

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