Among Us Updates Are Slower Than Expected, And Innersloth Explains Why (2)

It’s been a few months since we first saw the giant red airship rise through the clouds in the Among Us new map reveal at The Game Awards 2020. But with the latest update to the backstabbing and sleuthing game, the Airship has finally landed. Or, taken off.

Strangely, Innersloth released the new map and update by reuploading the same trailer it used for The Game Awards. Maybe it has something to do with today being April Fool’s Day? Some of the new tasks are a bit bizarre. If this is the first time you’re watching the trailer, you’d be forgiven for thinking Innersloth was pranking you.


You can check out the old-new trailer below. It gives a simple walkthrough of the airship’s layout and describes some of the tasks crewmembers will need to perform. It also gives you a decent look at some of the new cosmetics that have arrived in-game with the update.

Among Us Airship map update details

With the new map, players will be able to choose the room they start in. The map is also larger than the space station. Both factors seem like they’re making it easier for the impostors to kill crewmembers undetected.

If you’re a fan of cosmetic items, particularly hats, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a bunch of new free cosmetics in-game. The heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, rubber glove, and a few more are all free to wear. The serious cosmetic collectors out there can also purchase the Airship Skin Bundle through Steam.

Among Us Airship Skin Bundle

The latest Among Us update also adds the long-awaited account system. This will be used to rein in cheaters and make the whole experience more inviting for all. Particularly for the younger players who don’t want to be exposed to toxic behavior.

The future of Among Us

Innersloth recently hired two new programmers to help speed up the development of Among Us updates and features. The team already has a few things in the pipeline. First on the list is a complete art style revamp. The developer says the new look will have cleaner lines and an easier animation process.

Bigger lobbies are also coming. You will be able to play with up to 15 players in a lobby. This will be a particularly good fit with Among Us’s larger Airship map.

Finally, you can now get official Among Us crewperson plushies through the game’s store. They come in one shape, but many colors.

Among Us Plushie

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