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Since its increase in popularity, the developers of the murder-mystery game Among Us have been adding loads of new content. Recently, the Airship map was released, introducing players to a new environment and more tasks. Also, the developers have outlined plans to add new crewmate colors and 15 player lobbies in a future update. However, another aspect that has proven popular is the creation of mods. Now, an Among Us mod known as Town of Impostors can add new roles to the game while giving impostors more abilities.

The mod, created by the user AJMiix, spices up the Among Us formula. There are various crewmate roles which you can be assigned. One of the most unique roles include the Agent, who has the ability to access map intel from anywhere. This includes cameras, the admin map, and more. If you are given the role of a Plumber, you can use vents to travel. However, you will have to use this feature with care as you may be suspected to be the impostor. The Informant can complete all their tasks to get informed of roles, but the impostors will be notified, leaving you at risk.


New ways to be the impostor in Among Us Town of Imposters mod

The Town of Impostors Among Us mod gives you new ways to play. One of the most game changing is the ability to drag and drop dead bodies, even through vents. An impostor could use this feature to frame another player or get the body away from their position. In addition, they can dispose of a body if they are close to, or inside, a vent. It is important to note that a blood stain will be left behind to act as a clue for crewmates. To further deceive others, the Town of Impostors mod allows an impostor to sample a player’s DNA in order to disguise as another player.

There are other tricks impostors can use. Examples include decoys and blind traps, the latter of which will leave you unable to see. You can also poison other players, leaving them to inevitably die after some time.

If you prefer, you can apply separate impostor roles, dividing up the abilities across different impostors. AJMiix notes that more roles, modifiers, and abilities will be added to the Town of Impostors Among Us mod in the future.

Among Us Town Of Impostors Mod

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