Annual Expansions confirmed for Diablo 4

Annual Expansions confirmed for Diablo 4
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 The most common complaints about Diablo 4 often cite a lack of things to do in the endgame as a chief concern. In theory, seasonal content should fix that, but as evident with The Season of the Malignant, many feel that’s not the case. In an interview with Dexerto, GM Rob Fergusson outlined plans for Diablo 4 moving forward, including yearly Expansions.

Annual Expansions confirmed for Diablo 4

During the interview, Fergusson was asked how far ahead the team was planning content for Diablo 4. Although no exact timeframes were given, Fergusson mentioned “Quarterly Seasons,” which have already begun, and “Annual Expansions.” With how the story ended, it’s not surprising that an Expansion is planned, but annual releases aren’t something Diablo players are used to.

Could this mean there’s an Expansion planned for Summer 2024? If we take Fergusson’s statement literally, we could see one as early as June, but we honestly don’t know.

The announcement is garnering a mixed reaction among players. The Diablo 4 Subreddit is ablaze with discussion, and many are unhappy with the idea of paying yearly for content with the base game in its current state.

Reddit user u/TheNaCoinfl1p blasted the announcement, saying, “I am not going to lie. If it is a full-priced expansion, they are on drugs. If the fundamentals of the game that matter are not fixed, how can someone justify a DLC purchase?.” 

This response is gaining a ton of traction, with over 2000 upvotes and dozens of replies.

Expansions aren’t always a bad thing. Final Fantasy XIV and even Borderlands are proof of that. The issue here is optics. In the above titles, Expansions are something to look forward to, with the hype train running overtime long before launch. Many feel that Diablo 4 needs plenty of work, even at a base level. We don’t know if the planned Expansions are free, but this type of content typically comes with a price tag. 

On a more positive note, Diablo 4‘s first Mothers Blessing event was a blast, offering boosted Gold and EXP gains. If you want to be prepared for the next one and maximize those rewards, check out our guide.

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