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Even though we often cover Destiny for the site, that could all change come February. That’s because Bioware’s and EA’s juggernaut of an IP — Anthem — is set for release. The game, like Ubisoft’s The Division, is touted as a “Destiny killer” given the similarities in the scope and style. They are all shared-world shooters that emphasize team play and challenging end-game activities. For those looking to give Anthem a try earlier than the rest, you’ll be able to do so weeks before thousands of others. That’s because Anthem will have a VIP demo for Origin Access subscribers and those who’ve pre-ordered it.

Anthem — February 2019 demo

That announcement was recently made in the game’s booth at PAX West. The game will still be released on February 22, 2019. However, the demo would be available on the first of the month. According to our friends at GameSpot, Anthem’s lead producer Mike Gamble mentioned that this demo won’t be “a tech test or a beta looking for feedback.” That demo will actually be “a slice of the game.”

So if you’re one of the many that’s eagerly anticipating Bioware’s foray into this MMO-lite/shared-world shooter genre — and how it’s different from Destiny and The Division — you’ll have your chance to do so on February 1, 2019. For now, enjoy the “Our World, My Story” trailer above.

In relation to the “story,” we also know that Anthem will not have a season pass. Since games of this nature tend to have paid DLC that progresses the story, it looks as though EA have decided to ditch that model. Based on a report from Game Rant — all post-release story content will be free for players. That means if you’re simply looking to see how the world develops and how the story progresses, there won’t be any DLC preventing you from experiencing those changes.

As for microtransactions and Bioware’s implementation of these in the game, that’s still up in the air. After all, with free story content and no season pass, there’s bound to be a catch. As usual, PC Invasion will keep you up to date with more developments.

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