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Usually when a piece of history is wiped out, it’s near impossible to recover it. However, Asobo, iniBuilds and the Antonov company are going against the grain. The companies have teamed up to ensure one of the most famous aircraft in the world gets cemented in digital history, at the very least. The Antonov 225 super-freighter, destroyed back in 2022, will soon fly again in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


The Antonov 225 (AN 225 “Mriya”) made a name for itself by being one of the largest aircraft ever constructed. With six large engines, a massive wingspan of nearly 300ft, and a boggling array of 32 wheels, this is chunky jet was designed to carry heavy loads that simply could not fit in anything else, even a Boeing Dreamlifter or Airbus Beluga.

During its life, the AN 225 was used across the world, delivering a wide array of different payloads, including sometimes helping in a few humanitarian efforts. Its massive size would always draw a crowd wherever it visited, as there simply isn’t any other aircraft that matched its behemoth-like appearance.

The Antonov 225 is rising skyward once more in Microsoft Flight Simulator

This unique freighter met an unfortunate demise when it was destroyed in its hangar near Kyiv, Ukraine back in early 2022 due to the ongoing war in the country. Before it was destroyed, it was undergoing maintenance, hence the reason it was parked in its hangar in the first place.

While the real AN 225 has yet to make a return, and will likely take several years to be rebuilt, its digital twin will soar around the virtual globe in Microsoft Flight Simulator later this year. Asobo is working alongside acclaimed third-party add-on studio iniBuilds with help from the Antonov company to ensure that this digital replica of the heavy is an authentic representation. Better yet, it will be a relatively cheap add-on, releasing at $20 USD.

The Antonov 225 will join other well-known aircraft as part of Asobo’s growing collection of Famous Flyers for Microsoft Flight Simulator. When it releases, the AN 225 will be the fourth entry, and also the youngest in the collection so far by a wide margin.

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