APB Reloaded Beta Keys This Week

GamersFirst are to send out Beta keys for APB: Reloaded this week to testers who signed up to test the reboot of Realtime World’s APB. Gamers who took part in the original test we recently sent emails to opt-in to take part in test so if you replied to that mail keep an eye on your in-box this week.
Beta Application Keys will be sent this coming week. Once you receive the application key, then use it to access your unique application, and presuming you fill everything out correctly, you will be in line to get back on the streets of San Paro presuming you fulfill the requirements outlined in the post below by Neume.
We’re super-keen to see what GamersFirst have done to the game, the gameplay in the original was mediocre at best and the great character customisation didn’t make up for the lack of and flawed gameplay.
Further details on the Beta test can be picked up form the APB blog.

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