Apex Legends Mad Maggie Abilities

In the recent Stories from the Outlands episode, we saw Mad Maggie get sentenced to battle in the Apex Games for her “crimes” against the Syndicate. In the brand-new Defiance trailer, we see Mad Maggie dropping into Apex Legends for the first time and using some of her abilities.

Along with Mad Maggie getting in on the action, the Defiance trailer also shows some big changes to Apex Legends’ Olympus map. We don’t know exactly what the changes will be, but since it teleports to an entirely new location in space, we can assume they will be substantial. It looks like you might be able to explore the belly of the city. It’s also possible there will be an unstable area of the map with objects falling from the sky and unstable teleporters.


Mad Maggie’s abilities in Apex Legends

I think we can safely assume that biting people’s faces, as we see at the beginning of the trailer, isn’t going to be one of Maggie’s abilities. However, soon after that, we see her shoot a sticky bomb onto a box, which explodes on the other side of the object. This ability could be a unique tool for breaching buildings where players are camping.

When she sees Fuse for the first time (I can’t wait for those interactions), Maggie hits him with a giant rolling ball that looks like it could be a mine. I suspect this might be her Ultimate ability. It looks like it can damage and maybe even stagger characters it hits. If it is a mine, it might explode too.

A few times throughout the Defiance trailer, we see Mad Maggie with a red aura. This could just be a styling element from the trailer, but it could also be a passive ability linked to her rage. I didn’t see another obvious third ability on display.

Defiance is the twelfth season of Apex Legends and it will launch on February 8. You can check out the dedicated page on the game’s website for more details about what the new season has in store for players. And don’t forget, Apex Legends is also celebrating its third anniversary starting on February 8. There are free Legends and skins to unlock.

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