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It’s time to learn more about the characters and lore of Apex Legends, courtesy of the latest Stories from the Outlands video. This one, titled Judgement, is all about Mad Maggie. You may remember her from Season 8, where she temporarily took on the role of the announcer. When the next season arrives, you’ll be able to do more than just hear her voice, because Mad Maggie is the next character joining the Apex Legends roster.

Mad Maggie is also featured in Fuse’s Stories from the Outlands video. She was his partner in crime until Fuse announced he was leaving their fight to keep Salvo free of the Syndicate to join the Apex Games, a Syndicate run event. Maggie didn’t take this too well and, as we all know, blew his arm off. She also sabotaged his introduction to the Apex Games by blowing up a ship, which destroyed large portions of Kings Canyon.


Is Mad Maggie a terrorist or freedom fighter? Well, that’s a matter of perspective. In Fuse’s trailer, she seemed to be a loose cannon, acting before thinking. However, in the Judgement story, she is shown in a different light — not as an anarchist, but rather someone who would die to keep her planet and its people free.

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Mark your calendars for January 27. The launch trailer for the next Apex Legends season, titled Defiance, is dropping on that date. That will probably be the first time we get a look at what Mad Maggie’s abilities will be in Apex Legends as well. Respawn Entertainment hasn’t specifically mentioned her abilities, yet. However, on the home page of the Apex Legends website, there is an image of her wielding a metal whip and electromagnetic shield. So, that might be a clue.

Along with Mad Maggie, the new season of Apex Legends will also get a new limited-time mode called Control. It will stick around for the first three weeks of the new season. In this mode, players will select a loadout and drop into a chaotic 9v9 battle for control of points. You will get unlimited respawns in this mode. The section of the Apex Legends website that deals with Defiance also informs us that the new season will go live on February 8. Apex Legends players who purchased the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack are going to have a busy day.

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