Apex Legends Duos

As previously promised, Apex Legends now lets you team up with a friend in Duos mode — but you’ll have to act fast. The limited-time mode is just one of the additions made with Apex Legendspatch 3.1, which just went live. In it, players will find a number of other features, broken down below.

What’s included with patch 3.1?

First and foremost, Apex Legends now has a firing range. Though not quite the tutorial mode that was mentioned previously, it’s still a good place to practice your skills. Here, players can practice shots, use any collected loot items, and even join up with a squad for some shooting contests.

In one of the Quality of Life updates to the game, the Daily Challenge distribution has changed too. Now, players get one easy, one medium, and one hard challenge per day. What’s more, they can spend Legend Tokens to reroll Daily Challenges if something doesn’t go their way. Here’s how the cost breaks down:

  • First reroll: 200 Legend Tokens
  • Second reroll: 500 Legend Tokens
  • Third or more reroll: 1000 Legend Tokens for each reroll.

Keep in mind that the cost resets with each day of play.

Apex players can also keep tabs on what Music Pack they have selected for play during each match. What’s more, they can take a closer look at ammo types for teammates with a simple hop into the inventory menu.

Ranked Mode also no longer has a penalty for match abandoners “after two and a half minutes have passed since their Banner was picked up after dying.” Warnings will still arise if they leave a match, however. You aren’t off the hook that easily.

Finally, there are a number of bug fixes, broken down here on the official Reddit page.

You can check out the trailer for Duos mode above. Jump in, because it’s only available through November 19!

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