October 22 will mark the return of Apex LegendsFight or Fright Halloween event, which will run until November 3. Players will be able to earn some free cosmetic rewards, purchase rethemed Halloween skins from last year through the store, and, best of all, drop into the Apex Legends Shadow Royale limited-time mode.

Last year, the Apex Legends Halloween event was used to tease the arrival of the battle royale’s resident psychopath, Revenant. He ushered in a darker version of Kings Canyon and a limited-time mode that saw players battling against shadowy versions of the Legends. This year, Revenant returns as the proud host of Apex Legends’ most nightmarish event, and he’s got some new tricks and treats to share.

Apex Legends Shadow Royale

The previous Apex Legends Halloween event introduced a limited-time mode called Shadowfall, which turned players into shadow versions of themselves and set them to hunt down the players left alive. It was fun, for a couple of hours. Shadow Royale sounds much more engaging and entertaining.

Players will drop into Kings Canyon at night in squads of three. When one of your squad is killed, they will be raised from the dead in a Shadow Form. This removes all weapons but gives you a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility, and blistering speed. You will continue to fight alongside your teammates in this form until all three of you are dead.

Shadow Royale

Players in Shadow Form can respawn an infinite number of times. Fans of Titanfall will also recognize that one of the “mobility enhancements” includes the ability to wall run. A nice throwback to Respawn Entertainment’s old franchise.

Dress up for Halloween

If you’re a fan of last year’s cosmetics or would like to get recolors of them, you’ll be able to purchase them through the in-game store. There will also be some new skins for Loba and Revenant, who weren’t in the game for Halloween last year. You can check out exactly what you can get when below.

For players who don’t enjoy dropping dollars on cosmetics for games, this year’s Fight or Fright event will offer you a free prize track. Complete challenges to earn points for the track. Accumulate 4,000 points and you’ll unlock all the cosmetics available. The highlights in the track are the pirate-themed Nessy gun charm, as well as the skins for Pathfinder and the Sentinel.

That’s everything for this year. See you when darkness falls over Kings Canyon.

Fight Or Fright Rewards Track

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