Apex Legends Second Anniversary Collection Event skins guide

Apex Legends Second Anniversary Collection Event

The Second Anniversary Collection Event is live in Apex Legends, and there are plenty of skins for you to collect. There are two ways to earn these shiny new cosmetics, playing and paying. There are 31 free items you can earn for free, which is actually nine more than advertised when the event was announced. Plus, if you’re willing to pay, there are 24 purchasable items available.

The cosmetics you can buy are largely recolors of skins from previous events. Not the best on offer, but there are still some great options in there. You can purchase the skins you want directly or get lucky and receive one through an Anniversary pack.


Unlocking all 24 purchasable items will allow you to pick an Heirloom of your choice. That’s pretty much all there is to the paying for skins part of this guide. You can do what you like with your money. Let’s talk about the stuff for everyone in Apex Legends – the free Second Anniversary Collection Event skins.

Apex Legends Second Anniversary Skins

Just logging into Apex Legends during the event will score you the Year 2 Anniversary badge, as well as three bespoke trackers for Bangalore for Kills, Wins, and Damage Done. When you display all of them in order, they combine to display a neat little image of Bangalore in your banner.

Those are the four additional cosmetics that Respawn Entertainment didn’t mention before. To get your hands on the other 27 free cosmetics, you’re going to need to get to work battling in-game. The majority of the additional skins and cosmetics in Apex Legends can be earned by accumulating Second Anniversary Collection Event points.

Drop, shock, and rock new cosmetics

If you manage to earn 5,000 points, you will unlock all 22 items in the prize tracker. The main attraction of these items is the Demon’s Claw Legendary skin for the Spitfire. There is also the Legendary Holospray plus 10 Apex packs for you to crack open. Seeing as you earn points by completing daily Event Challenges, the best way to ensure you get everything is to play each day and complete the three daily challenges.

The other way you can earn free Apex Legends Second Anniversary Collection Event skins is through the Extended Anniversary Challenges. There are five challenges, and they are tougher than your average in-game task. The first challenge is to complete 75 Daily Challenges, the second is to deal 102,816 damage, and the third is to win with eight different Legends. Each of these will reward you with an animated badge. If you collect all three badges, you’ll complete the fourth challenge and get another badge.

The final challenge is a throwback to how bad the Mozambique was back in the early days of Apex Legends. You need to deal 3,333 damage with the small shotgun to unlock a weapon charm sporting the infamous ‘Mozambique Here’ line. A good way to go about completing this challenge is to hot drop in the event’s Locked and Loaded limited-time mode. You begin this with a Mozambique equipped, so you can start ticking away at the damage total right off the drop.

The Apex Legends Second Anniversary Collection Event runs until February 23. So, you have a decent amount of time to get the items. If you need some pointers for the new Kings Canyon variant, you can check out our guide. We also have some tips to get the most out of the new Gold magazines.

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