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Season 9 sure flew by in quite the literal sense with the introduction of Valkyrie. Developer Respawn Entertainment is already gearing up for Season 10 of Apex Legends and has revealed a little of what is to come. Aside from the several Stories from the Outlands teasing the new Legend named Seer, we now know that Season 10 will be called Metamorphosis. As always, there will be a new weapon, map changes, a new battle pass, and mode updates. Here’s what to expect when the new season debuts on August 3.

Seer is the new Legend coming to the game, and he’s a glamorous one with a sense of fashion that might just give Mirage a run for his money. Or perhaps not, as Seer is more of a low key individual. Some of the other Legends describe him as a sly, even cowardice individual. That’s just Caustic talking tough though. What it means is that Seer has some abilities that allow him a buffer between him and his enemies. We still don’t know exactly what those are, but the abilities should be known soon enough.


For now, some clues provide a few indicators. Seer will be able to use some type of “microdrones” and “spots opportunities that other Legends might miss.” He possesses an artist’s eye, whatever that may be in the context of this game. It’s also important to note Seer’s moth theme, as that may play into some type of passive ability since he’s described as one that prefers the shadows.

World’s Edge evolves again

Much to the likely disappointment of competitive players, it seems World’s Edge is about to change again. While many would prefer that Respawn just leave this particular map alone, there are more changes inbound. From what we can tell in the first look, the Harvester might have exploded or malfunctioned. There’s a mess that needs cleaning up.

Apex Legends World's Edge Map Changes Season 10 Seer

The new weapon coming to Apex Legends Season 10 will expand the LMG class with a new option built by Rampart. We don’t have any specific details on functionality, but the promise is that it features a “surprising source” of firepower. Perhaps there will be a new ammunition type, or perhaps it will use ammunition in a new way. With a name like Rampage, this gun must do something brutal and unpredictable.

Don’t forget that the Thrillseekers event is still going on. You can also tune in to watch the EA Play event on July 22 where you’ll likely see a new trailer teasing more Season 10 content for Apex Legends. The timing is all too convenient.


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