Apex Legends – The Old Ways Event Trailer Bloodhound's Trials

The latest Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands episode took a step into the past to reveal the origins of Bloodhound. The video also revealed The Old Ways Event, which has Bloodhound receive the next Town Takeover. The Apex Legends team has now released a trailer for The Old Ways Event, showing off the first in-game footage of Bloodhound’s Trials, as well as some of the new cosmetics.

The trailer mixes shots from the Stories of the Outlands video with the corresponding locations, enemies, and cosmetics in-game. It’s nicely put together. But don’t take my word for it.

Apex Legends‘ Old Ways Event begins on April 7 and will run until April 21. That said, as mentioned by Respawn Entertainment, Duos and map rotation will become permanent features of the game once the event begins.

Bloodhound’s Trials

This is the new Town Takeover coming to Apex Legends, and obviously, it’s styled after Bloodhound. This part of World’s Edge will be a PvE (player versus environment) challenge for players. You’ll need to prove yourself to the gods by taking down the prowlers Bloodhound was charged with hunting in their origin video. If you succeed, a hidden room will open and reward you and your team with some high-tier loot.

The Old Ways Event cosmetics

Apex Legends – The Old Ways Event Bloodhound Young Blood Cosmetics

The new trailer also gives us a first in-game look at the Bloodhound Young Blood skin. This cosmetic is the only one available for direct purchase for the entire week. All the others will be on a rotation. You can see the schedule in our previous article on The Old Ways Event.

Apex Legends – The Old Ways Event Bloodhound Wise Warrior Cosmetic

The last thing Apex players are treated to is a brief glimpse of Bloodhound’s Wise Warrior skin. And it exceeds expectations. It could be one of the nicest looking Bloodhound cosmetics in the game. Is it worth 1,800 credits (almost $20)? That’s up to you. Personally, I think all Apex Legends cosmetics are horribly overpriced.

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