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A key selling point of Starfield is the promise of exploration throughout a vast universe of 1,000 planets with diverse ecosystems. That’s a lot to see and do through the implementation of procedural generation, so the way you go about customizing your ships, managing resources, choosing the best class and skills, and selecting the best gear matter. Another hurdle in doing all of this also applies to time management as you explore the vast landscapes on different worlds. This may have you wondering if there are vehicles in Starfield.

Given the amount of exploring you’ll do, some type of vehicle system would certainly makes sense. However, it will surprise you to learn that there are not surface vehicles in StarfieldĀ as of launch. That means exactly what you’d expect. You’ll need a comfortable set of boots, some cardio training, and a whole lot of patience. Increasing your carry capacity is also advised.

Why are there not any surface vehicles in Starfield?

The omission of surface vehicles in Starfield seems like an odd design choice for Bethesda to make. It could have been decided to slow the pacing for discovering new locations. Another possibility is that Bethesda may have run into technical issues during development. Considering we had horses in Skyrim though, it seems like a simple speeder bike should have been possible.

Whatever the case, your ships are the only vehicles you can use in Starfield to travel around the universe. The burden of exploring each new planet on foot won’t be popular with everyone to be sure. However, there is a workaround for locations you’ve already discovered. You can use the fast travel system to instantly move to those locations as well as your outposts. This at least allows you to hop around discovered planets as you need to come and go.

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