March 18th, 2017

Quake inspired arena shooter Reflex leaves Early Access

Quake inspired arena shooter Reflex leaves Early Access

Turbo Pixel Studios has spent the last couple of years working on their arena shooter Reflex and it’s just left Early Access.

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with everything that appears on Steam and this may have slipped you buy but fans of classic shooter may want to take a look at Reflex. The game has been built for speed and precision like many of the classic 90s shooter where skill really mattered. In fact they say it has been inspired by Quake which is generally a good sign.

The game has now fully launched and they have added a few new features too including bots, seasons and leaderboards, and ranked rewards which can be used to personalise characters.

Reflex is also only £5.94 on Steam with a four pack costing only £19.54. Not bad at all. Take a look at the launch trailer which is both fast and stylish.

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