Arma Tactics

    We wouldn’t normally bother too much with mobile game announcements, but it’s looking like Bohemia’s turn-based Arma Tactics title has a reasonable chance of making it to the PC.

    Initially it’s coming out for various Nvidia ‘Tegra 4’ devices (tablets, phones, that weird Shield thing), but according to Bohemia they’ll also look at a PC release in Q3 2013.

    Turn-based is making a mini comeback, with XCOM probably being the stand-out title of last year to feature it. Other games like the most recent Jagged Alliance and the upcoming Omerta: City of Gangsters employ similar turn-based models.

    So, Arma Tactics wants to muscle in on that territory with four-man squads and “both … story-driven missions and generated missions with randomized objectives.” Both stealth and the “direct approach” are said to be viable strategies.

    You can read more at the game’s site.

    Peter Parrish

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