Ubisoft liked the idea of a 2.5D Assassin’s Creed game set in China so much, the company has commissioned two more of them in India and Russia respectively. This trilogy will go under the heading Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, with the first (China) due 21 April.

    The China title, of course, can trace its announcement back to the ill-fated Assassin’s Creed: Unity season pass (ultimately given away to all buyers of that game as an apology for how appallingly it ran.) Anybody who purchased Assassin’s Creed: Unity should wind up with this first Assassin’s Creed Chronicles title for free.

    Ubisoft is tapping into its side media projects for the protagonists of these three titles. China’s outing will star Shao Jun from the Embers animation, while India and Russia will feature Kashmiri Arbaaz Mir and Nikola├» Orelov (respectively) from some Assassin’s Creed graphic novels.

    In typical style for the series, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles will be dropping players into some of the most politically turbulent periods for each country. The downfall of the Ming Dynasty in China, early 19th Century India with the Sikh Empire preparing for war, and post-1917 revolutionary Russia.

    Each game is also going to have its own art style (which you can see in the announcement trailer below.) Russia, for example, is taking some cues from the propaganda posters of the WW1 era. It’s not overly clear how each of these games will play yet, aside from the clues in the video that platforming, sword-play and (in Russia at least) gun shots will be employed.

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    Peter Parrish

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