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Astroneer brings its Awakening update to finish out its story today

Back to the stars.

Astroneer has been steadily adding free content ever since it originally debuted back in 2016. While the creative mode focuses solely on sandbox activities, the story mode has also been going strong. Today, however, that story comes to a close. Astroneer is getting the Awakening update, which puts the finishing touches on the narrative. This finale has been a long time coming and has required a lot of digging, building, and oxygen support, but players will get to see how it wraps up with the update’s brand new story content as soon as it goes live.

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The final part of Astroneer‘s story kicks into gear when an unknown planet shows up. A new character directs players to the Sylva system to investigate the enigmatic addition. This new planet is shown off in the Awakening update trailer, which should whet your appetite before you jump into the new content yourself.

But that’s not the last we’ll see of the game by a long shot, as more gameplay content is in the pipeline for later this year. On top of that, you can pre-order Astroneer: Countdown, which is a graphic novel set to release in March.

Astroneer finishes the fight with the Awakening update

Astroneer originally launched in December of 2016. It has since sold a huge amount of copies, to the point that the game has nearly 90,000 reviews — 91% of which are positive. The game tasks players to explore planets and build bases either alone or with friends as they print items with a 3D printer, use a tool to dig into the planet for resources, and attempt to keep air in their lungs on hostile planets.

The game is currently on sale on Steam for $14.99 USD, which is half off its retail price. If you’re eager to dig into the game’s newest content with friends, the update is now live for all players.

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