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Atomic Heart patch adds an FOV slider at last

Atomic Heart Fov Slider

The PC Port for Atomic Heart was generally a mixed affair, much like the game itself. Its biggest problem was that it lacked key features found in most first-person shooters on PC. Of course, the biggest omission was an FOV slider, which is a necessary option for some players. Thankfully a patch was recently released that adds an FOV slider and a bunch of other fixes to Atomic Heart.

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An FOV slider finally comes to Atomic Heart

The FOV slider was obviously a big deal to Atomic Heart players. So much so that it’s at the very top of the patch notes that are available on Steam. This is obviously a very welcome addition and should make playing the game much more comfortable for everyone. Patch fixes a lot of problems besides the FOV slider, though. And while many of these fixes are small, it goes towards making the experience stronger for PC players. There’s also a fix for ultrawide screens, too. So, if you had any issues there, be sure to hop back into the game to see if those problems are resolved.

Apart from the FOV slider, there are more fixes present in Atomic Heart‘s latest patch. Some of the more important fixes from this patch are to do with quest-related bugs. The patch addresses over 20 different issues in quests that could have caused a player to get stuck. Alongside this, there are numerous gameplay fixes here, too. For instance, it fixes “collisions in many places to prevent being stuck in an environment.” It also addresses another problem that would leave you unable to open the map in the world.

Atomic Heart Patch Fov Slider

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As with most updates, there are the usual patches for performance and stability. The patch also addresses numerous visual and audio bugs that spoil the game’s aesthetics a bit. All in all, this is a fairly big patch that brings plenty of handy fixes to the game. But Atomic Heart‘s new FOV slider is definitely the big deal here.

If you’re diving back into Atomic Heart with this update, be sure to check out our guides and features hub.

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