There’s a chance that a sequel to forthcoming Rebellion title Alien vs Predator might include motion control.In a forthcoming interview with CVG, Rebellion’s art and design head Tim Jones has said that the company thinks motion control could be “exciting.””We’re always keeping a sharp eye on any new developments available to make games more immersive, and the new motion control developments look very exciting,” said Jones, adding “I don’t think the technology will be quite ready for us to use in this iteration of AvP – but maybe next time…”Talk of the sequel seems a bit early to us seeing as how we still don’t know much about the unreleased first game, save that it pits Aliens against Predators against Colonial Marines, which you can pretty much gather from the title.Sadly, it seems Jones refused to tell CVG whether or not we’re likely to see a multiplayer beta, or even a demo. “I can’t confirm or deny a beta test or demo for the game,” he said. “Obviously we’d love to but you’ll have to wait and see.”Bah.

Paul Younger
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