Back 4 Blood – Children of the Worm expansion launch trailer features cultists and an Irish preacher

Back 4 Blood Children Of The Worm Second Expansion Feature Image

Deranged, zombie action is back on the menu with Back 4 Blood‘s second expansion introducing a group of zombie-loving cultists and a whole lot more undead. Back 4 Blood – Children of the Worm will be the game’s next major DLC expansion. The brand new story campaign included pits the Cleaners against The Cultists, a deranged group that wishes for the rise of the undead. As with most zombie tales, maybe the humans were the bad guys after all.

This trope will ring true in Back 4 Blood, as you see the Cleaners fighting both the zombies and The Cultists in the launch trailer. To help with your doubly homicidal mayhem, this expansion will also introduce a new Cleaner named “Prophet” Dan. This gun-loving Irish preacher boasts the ability to revive your allies, making your difficult runs a little less tragic. The expansion will also give us eight new character skins, 12 weapon skins, new weapons, accessories, and cards.


Not Children of the Corn, sadly

The new campaign will feature six new chapters with some hallmark zombie locations. Back 4 Blood – Children of the Worm will include a prison, likely the most exciting new area, where zombies roam the cells and cultists assault you with weapons and demonic artwork. There’s also someone with Wolverine claws attacking you for reasons unknown, although I suspect it’s just trying to kill you. It’s up to you to stop the cultists and the zombies, while unlocking some sick weapons along the way.

The Back 4 Blood – Children of the Worm expansion is available to download tomorrow August 30 for all platforms. This expansion directly follows the first, Tunnels of Terror, which is also available now. If you haven’t already played through the first expansion, you can pick up an Annual Pass on Steam get access to all planned expansions (if you’re interested). If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the launch trailer yet, you can watch it below.

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