Bad North

Bad North Launches Via First On Discord Platform

Bad North is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that previously released on console. Featuring a minimalistic art style as you fight against invading Vikings, the game initially launched on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch with references to a PC launch at a later time. That time has come, as Bad North releases today on PC via the First on Discord program.

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Vikings Everywhere

Bad North is a procedurally generated RTS with roguelike elements. You must fend off constant waves of Viking intruders from your island. You can gain new followers by protecting them along your journey. For the PC release, the game will now support the mouse and keyboard option.

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What Is First On Discord?

The Discord platform has been gaining steam as a community management tool. Users can share links to specific rooms to chat during games, or they can even use them as chats for specific communities. This has not only allowed for fewer interruptions during in-game communication, but it also let streamers extend their community interaction and reach. Discord has now grown to support software distribution, launching its Discord Store and the feature known as “First on Discord”. For games like Bad North, it will see a PC launch here before it ever hits Steam.

The new digital storefront hasn’t quite fully opened its doors. At this point, you can opt-in for beta access and be one of the first people to peruse the digital aisles.

Bad North releases today for $14.99 USD via First on Discord. The game was previously in development by Plausible Concept, a three-person game studio, and is published by Raw Fury. If you haven’t bought into the new storefront, there are still options to pick up Bad North from the traditional Steam store. At this point, however, there is no firm release date for it launching there.

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