Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Warlock Pacts ranked

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Baldur’s Gate 3 players start their adventure by choosing from a variety of beloved classes. As they progress through their adventure, they soon gain the ability to specialize within their chosen class by choosing a subclass. The charismatic Warlock gets to make a subclass choice right at the start. Then, at level 3, the class becomes more specialized still when you select a boon pact. Here is our ranking of the best Warlock pacts in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Note: If you would like additional help on this topic, also refer to our guide outlining the best Warlock spells and cantrips.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – best Warlock pacts, ranked

When you choose the Warlock and make your subclass selection, you enjoy magical proficiency few other classes posses. You can further enhance your strength in a number of interesting ways from there, depending on the pact boon you choose at level 3. We’ve ranked the Warlock pact boons below from best to worst. Consider carefully what you want to accomplish with your Warlock, as well as the subclass you already chose.

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1. Pact of the Tome (Best)

The Pact of the Tome goes well with The Archfey subclass. That’s a great subclass if you want to explore the more interesting sides of the Warlock, and the Pact of the Tome only makes it better.

By selecting the Pact of the Tome, you gain access to three useful spells. Guidance is one of the finest cantrips in the game and grants a bonus to ability checks that I find impossible to resist. Vicious Mockery makes an enemy’s next attack weaker. Finally, Thorn Whip deals piercing damage and pulls smaller enemies toward you.

2. Pact of the Blade (Good)

The Pact of the Blade goes well with The Fiend subclass. That subclass is one of the easiest to use effectively while you learn the overall class, which makes the Pact of the Blade broadly useful.

With the Pact of the Blade, you gain access to an extra attack at level five. Your performance is now based on your CHA rating.

3. Pact of the Chain (Okay)

The Pact of the Chain goes well with The Great Old One subclass. That’s probably the least useful of the subclasses, and the Pact of the Chain can’t quite make up for it despite offering some neat benefits.

When you choose the Pact of the Chain, you gain a familiar that does some of your dirty work for you. Critical hits you land are more devastating, as well, and the familiar gains an additional attack at level five. The pact boon is worth exploring, just not as effective as the other two options.

We’ve ranked the pact boons above, but you can go for whatever pact boon you like and pair it with any subclass. The important thing is that your choices suit your style of play. Remember that you can come back from any error. And if you’ve changed your mind about how to build your character, check our guide on how to respec your characters with a little help from Withers.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam.

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