Baldur's Gate 3 Save Minthara Guide
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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to save Minthara from the Moonrise Towers (BG3)

We're planning a jailbreak.

Minthara is a possible party member that you can recruit in Baldur’s Gate 3. If Minthara has ended up in the jails of Moonrise Towers, this is your one opportunity to save and recruit her while you still can in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to save Minthara

To reach this point in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must have sided with Minthara in destroying the Emerald Grove (or side with her without destroying the Grove). In my playthrough, I defeated Minthara in the Shattered Sanctum because she was one of the three Goblin Leaders that Halsin needed me to defeat. If you do this, you obviously can’t recruit Minthara or rescue her at Moonrise Towers.

After siding with Minthara, convince her to meet at Moonrise Tower. However, once you reach the Moonrise Towers throne room, you’ll see that Minthara has angered Ketheric Thorm. Eventually, during this scene, you’ll get various dialogue options that use your Wisdom modifier. But all of these options will result in the same thing: Minthara will be sent to the jails below.

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After this scene, you’ll get the Decide Minthara’s Fate quest. This will activate a quest marker that shows you where the stairs to the Moonrise Towers jail are. And this is where we’ll be able to save Minthara from being executed in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you’re still having trouble finding it just head through the western exit of the throne room down the small set of stairs and then head down the next set of stairs just ahead. Then once you’re in the jails, head to the south section of the area to find Minthara.

The first way to deal with this nasty situation is by convincing the Questioners to let you handle Minthara. Now, I know this may seem counterintuitive since we are here to save Minthara after all. But trust me, this will work itself out. Once you’ve initiated a conversation with them, select the first dialogue option. This will then give you a Deception and an Intimidation check option. Choose whichever one your character is more proficient in to progress.

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This then allows you to either attack the guards straightaway or reach into Minthara’s Mind. If you can pass a DC 18 roll here, you can speak to Minthara through her mind. Here you have three choices: gain her support in the fight against the guards, have her fake obedience to make the guards leave, or be extra villainous and erase her mind yourself. For our purposes, either of the first two options will work here. If you choose to have her fake obedience you’ll need to pass an Intimidation, Deception, or Persuasion speech check to convince the Questioners that the job is done.

Escaping the Moonrise Towers

Once Minthara is free from the Questioners, you’ll need to get her out of the Moonrise Towers. Once you leave the jail cell, one of the nearby guards will stop and ask you to explain what’s going on. Again, you’ll need to pass an Intimidation, Persuasion, or Deception check. And failing that, you’ll also need to fight the guards outside the cell. It doesn’t matter if you fought and killed the Questioners or convinced them to leave. Either way, you’ll have to deal with the guards outside the room too.

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After that’s done head straight out through the front door of the Moonrise Towers. Here we’ve got one last conversation to have before Minthara will truly be free. You really don’t want to fail the speech check here as you’ll get into a fight with eight enemies if you do. So don’t be afraid to save scum a tiny bit here to avoid a nasty encounter.

Then once you get across the walkway you’ll finally have saved Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can then choose to take Minthara to your camp where she will become a full-fledged party member. She’s a Paladin, so if you need a tanky healer to be a part of your team, she’ll prove very useful.

When I played through Moonrise Towers, I had the option to save Tieflings and Wulbren locked in the jail. If you sided with Minthara to destroy Emerald Grove, you may not get this option. However, if you do have this option, you’ll have to figure out how to rescue the Tieflings and Wulbren.

How to recruit Minthara and save the Grove

While the easiest route to recruiting Minthara is helping her take over the Grove, there’s still a way to recruit Minthara while simultaneously saving the Grove. Players figured out that if you knock out Minthara using non-lethal attacks during your first encounter with her, you can then kill the rest of the Goblin leaders and save the Grove.

You’ll then find Minthara in Moonrise Towers during Act 2. At that point, you’re free to rescue Minthara and recruit her, even though you initially knocked her unconscious and saved the Grove. Players online have also noted in this helpful Reddit post that after knocking Minthara out, you have to get rid of the two other leaders without leaving or taking a Long Rest.

This will ensure that Minthara stays knocked out for the entire duration of you saving the Grove and you’ll find her in Moonrise Towers. You’ll then need to figure out the best build for Minthara once you recruit her.

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