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How to rescue the Tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

A difficult rescue mission.

The first thing you should do in Moonrise Towers is rescue the tieflings and Wulbren. If you wait and continue forward, there will be irreversible consequences that you don’t want. Here’s the best way to rescue Wulbren and the tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Where to find and rescue Wulbren and the Tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

To find and rescue the tieflings and Wulbren in BG3, you’ll need to convince the guards at the Moonrise Towers that you’re friendly and make your way to the prison. There you can kill all of the guards and Warden before escaping safely with Wilbren and the tieflings.

I’ve seen a lot of Reddit threads confirming that if you don’t rescue the tieflings or Wulbren and his fellow gnomes before progressing through the Shadowlands, they’ll die permanently. Because of that, I highly recommend rescuing Wulbren and the tieflings as soon as you reach Moonrise Towers.

How to find Wulbren and the Tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here’s an in-depth walkthrough on how to rescue the tieflings and Wulbren in Baldur’s Gate 3. To start, you need to safely traverse the major Shadow Curse sections (I recommend you read our guide on that if you do or don’t have a Moonlantern) and convince the guards at Moonrise Towers that you’re friendly.

I quicksaved right before interacting with the guards at Moonrise Towers, and I recommend you do the same because getting on their good side is really important. To become friendly with everything in Moonrise Towers, select all the dialogue options about being an Absolute and wanting to see Ketheric Thorm.

Next, enter Moonrise Towers from the double doors on the south side. This will bring you directly to the prison. Once here, don’t go up the stairs. Instead, turn and head further into the prison.

Rescuing Wulbren and the Tieflings in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll see Wulbren and the tieflings in cells, but you’ll get in trouble if you try to talk to them. You can perform a skill check to talk to Wulbren sneakily. You can also give him a weapon to fight back. When you are ready, you can tell Wulbren that it’s time will start a fight with all the guards.

I don’t recommend doing that because there is a chance Wulbren, some of his gnomes, or some of the tieflings could die. To avoid that, I simply attacked the guards on my own. The guards are not too hard to defeat, but make sure you focus on the floating eye first so it doesn’t call for more reinforcements.

You’ll also need to defeat the Warden who is in the middle tower. She’s pretty strong, but easy to defeat if she’s alone. With all the nearby guards defeated, you’re safe to free Wulbren and the tieflings.

The way that I did this and recommend doing it is to go to the left of Wulbren’s cell and jump up onto the rock. It’s kind of a big jump, so use Misty Step or Fly if you need to. This is the way to get to the back of the prison and break Wulbren and the tieflings out.

Traverse over to the back of the cells and you’ll find a wall with a health bar directly behind the Wulbren and tiefling cells. If you right-click the wall and press attack a few times, you’ll break the tieflings and Wulbren out.

With Wulbren, his gnome buddies, and the tieflings free, they’ll run over to the big boat in the back and start breaking the chains holding it in. You can help them destroy the chains. Then, Wulbren will talk to you. If you want to get back to Last Light Inn, you can travel with them, but I sent them back on their own and they made it back safe at Last Light Inn.

Also, if you kill all the guards in the Moonrise Towers prison, the rest of the tower won’t know. After killing all the enemy guards in the prison, I walked back upstairs and everyone was still cool with me. So don’t worry about that.

Rescue Wulbren and the Tieflings without any combat involved

You can also rescue Wulbren and the tieflings without triggering combat, though it’s a much more difficult thing to do. For this, you’ll require a mage who can conjure up some area-covering spells like Darkness, which obscure people’s vision from the acts that you’re doing.

I had Darkness and Wall of Fire on Gale, which was perfect for this, as Darkness stopped them from seeing what I was doing, while Wall of Fire stopped them from getting to me, if only for a short time.

To do this, you’re going to need to get into the cell with the Duergar, and around the back of the wall that they’re breaking. You can get into the cell using Misty Step, which my Gale also had, but you can get a Misty Step scroll from a vendor inside Moonrise Towers if you haven’t got it on hand. To get behind the cells, you’re going to want to head to the left of their cells, and you should be able to see a ledge you can jump up as mentioned above; go up here and follow it around to the back of the cells.

I recommend sending the party member who can use Darkness, Gale in my example, into the cell, then the rest around the back. Once you’re around the back, go to the boat in the dock and break the chains holding the boat in by attacking them, then go to both of the cell walls, as they have health bars, and attack them until they have very low health.

After doing this, activate the trigger for Wulbren and company to break out, then enter Turn-Based mode, cast Darkness with Gale on the Cell’s entrance, and then destroy the walls with the party members around the back. After doing this, exit turn-based mode, and simply make for the boat with everyone and choose the option to leave with them. You can also maybe cast Darkness and anything else that might be handy on the exit that Gale comes from. This can fail, but it should eventually work if you wait for the right moment when the guards aren’t looking.

How to get to the Moonrise Towers

Baldur's Gate 3 Mountain Pass Or Underdark
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To get to the Moonrise Towers in BG3, you can traverse the Mountain Pass instead of heading through the Underdark. Through the Mountain Pass (accessed from The Risen Roads in Act 1) you’ll make it to Rosymorn Monastery, but continue walking past it to eventually find the entrance to the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

From here, you can either head southwest towards Moonrise Towers on your own or have Kar’niss the Drider take you there after persuading him. This is the most efficient way of making it to Moonrise Towers, although you can also access it through the Grymforge if you made it through the Underdark.

And that’s how you free Wulbren and the tieflings in BG3! Now, you can learn the two ways to defeat Thisobald Thorm.

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