April 21st, 2017

Battlefield 4 merchandise aims for the cash-happy among you


Do you like Battlefield 4? Yes, I know it isn’t out yet. But… do you, you know, like it? Do you think about it at night, when you’re trying to sleep? Are your waking moments haunted by thoughts of it? Do you just really want to just… stroke it, and touch it, and…?

If so, then get help. But also pay attention to this news story, because EA have announced that there’s going to be lots and lots of Battlefield 4 merchandise for the truly weird among you.

Likely the biggest thing is the Official Tie-In Novel written by “esteemed author Peter Grimsdale” which will offer “backstory about the game’s heroic squad,” but that’s not even close to everything. Like, ooh, an artbook (in both Standard and Limited editions, obviously). Or some branded Razer accessories, from mice and headsets through to iPhone cases. Or some branded console controllers. Or a mouse mat. Or some Jinx clothing. Or a strategy guide (in both Standard and Limited editions, obviously). Or some artwork. Or some “wall graphics”, which I’m assuming is a fancy word for “poster”. Or some more mobile and tablet cases.

Battlefield 4 is out on 29 October. I’m assuming all of this stuff will be out around the same time if you’re one of those people for whom “brand loyalty” isn’t a dirty phrase.

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