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Battlefield 4 weapon and vehicle customisation explained in new video

Weapon customisation in Battlefield 4 is one way to make your weapon less of a bore. What you really want to do is attach lots of bits and bobs to make it a little more interesting.

In a new developer video from EA, lead core game designer Alan Kertz explains how weapon customisation works by demonstrating the 3D model of the weapons and how you attach stuff and paint it all nice and pretty.

That’s not all, he also shows the vehicle customisation for vehicle weapons and the paint jobs which can blend in with the level environments. This is what they call adaptive camouflage and it sounds like a system for people who can’t be bothered to mess about with choosing colours.

There’s also some tier-reloading and weapon switching explained, but why not watch the video and listen to the lovely Alan explain in all.

You can also read a transcript over on the BF4 blog.

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