Battlefield 5 introduces War in the Pacific trailer, announces launch date, free weekends

Battlefield 5 Introduces The Pacific Trailer Announces Launch Date Free Weekends 2

Battlefield has always been a big kid in the AAA shooter genre, in that few others try to match its scale. Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific takes you to the largest battlefield of World War II: the Pacific Ocean.

Billed as Chapter 5 of the game, Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific (some relation Garry Grigsby’s game of the same name – they cover the same region) will launch with new factions, weapons, vehicles, Elites, and chapter rewards. And people who don’t have the game will be able to try it out on the weekends.

The new factions are, of course, the U.S. Armed Forces (the Marines weren’t the only ones fighting there) and the Imperial Japanese Army. In an hilarious oversimplification and misunderstanding of the war, the Americans are billed having “brute force tactics clash with the Japanese home ground advantage.” Of course, you’ll be able to do more than be a rifle grunt – you can expect to also pilot planes, man static emplacements and drive tanks.

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Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific will take these actions to the classic battlefields of yore – and by that I mean Battlefield 1942. Remember invading Wake Island back then? Well, you’ll be able to do it again, but with better graphics and at least a marginally more historical loadout.

On Iwo Jima, you’ll be fighting for the narrow part of the island, with open black beaches giving way to Japanese tunnels in the Mount Suribachi. Pacific Storm can be somewhat accurately described as a reimagining of Paracel Storm from Battlefield 4, so you can expect to conduct an island-hopping campaign in miniature. Wake Island will only drop in December and its description talks about using Fortifications to hold the enemy back.

Battlefield 5 Introduces The Pacific Trailer Announces Launch Date Free Weekends

As for the guns, the ones introduced in Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific will range from common-place – like the Type 99 Arisaka and the Garand – to some of the more out-there things, like a non-suicide version of the Lunge Mine (you can see it used twice in the trailer). Some of these will be delivered via Tides of War or as Chapter Rewards. Yes, there will be katanas. Actually, the katana (called a, “time-honored melee weapon”; high praise for what was usually a factory-made weapon at the time) and the M2 flamethrower are the new Battle Pickups.

War in the Pacific: now with tanks

For vehicles, you’ll get to drive the M4 Sherman and the Japanese Type 97 tanks, amphibious transports, and tanks, jeeps, as well as pilot the F4U Corsair and the Zero. As Reinforcements, you may even see a Sherman Calliope (the MLRS version of the Sherman), JB-2 Rocket (clone of V1, never used in combat), with the Japanese getting reskins of these.

Want to try your hand at Battlefield 5? There will be a free Grand Operations weekend that starts on October 24. Just finished watching The Pacific and thus feel the lust from the blood of palm trees? The November 1-4 free weekend will show you the Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific content as well as everything that the multiplayer has to offer.

Battlefield 5 War in the Pacific launches on October 31.

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