Battlefield 6 Reveal

Electronic Arts has yet to officially reveal Battlefield 6, but a new leak has suggested that fans may hear some news very soon. A few images from the upcoming first-person shooter’s teaser have allegedly been leaked online. Content creator Tom Henderson, who has previously revealed details on EA’s newest Battlefield project, confirmed that an announcement will indeed arrive soon.

The leaked images showed two very different scenes. In the first, a cluster of planes flew over an island. The beach shone down over the water on one side of the island, while a storm appeared to approach on the other. In the second image, a tornado touched down just beside a rocket about to launch. That image featured a perspective inside the cockpit of an aircraft. Henderson revealed that the images hailed from Battlefield 6′s teaser trailer. The images also matched some previous Battlefield 6 artwork that Henderson shared.


“Yes, the 2 #BATTLEFIELD images that have been leaked in the past hour are real,” he said on Twitter. “I’m not sure why the leaker has decided to capture the exact same shots … but the screen grabs where likely captured via Zoom or something like that – Which explains the low quality.”

Henderson added that “we’re not long away now,” hinting that the official Battlefield 6 reveal is near. The announcement may come in the form of the teaser trailer, which Henderson said does feature some extreme weather changes.

The countdown begins

Fans have waited two years for Battlefield 6 to arrive, so the alleged upcoming reveal makes it feel real. EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed in a February earnings call that more details about the game would come soon. One month later, Battlefield leak Twitter account Battlefield News revealed that EA anticipated a spring Battlefield 6 reveal, followed by a “Holiday 2021” release. Now that spring has sprung, a Battlefield 6 announcement could arrive any day now.

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