Battlefield V

Everyone knows there will be new Battlefield this year but DICE has done something quite clever with an easter egg for Battlefield V.

Players discovered a new easter egg which is a room on the Fort de Veaux map with a sign saying Isolement (solitary confinement) bad been locked until now. Signs dotted around the map now contain a button trigger system which needs to be pushed in the correct order to spell ‘Isolement ‘. The battlefield easter egg Discord group sunk quite a bit of time figuring all this out and created a map to show where the buttons are.


Once inside the room, there are a series of valve’s and pipes that need to be manipulated and if done correctly you receive The Room Dog Tag. The video below shows exactly how this is done or follow these instructions posted on Reddit.

Making the valves operable – The right valve can be unlocked by throwing a grenade down the drain when a specific metallic noise is heard. Doing this 5 times in a row (if you miss one you will have to do 5 again) will trigger a unique scream sound. Once unlocked, the valve can be opened and closed. Going prone over the drain helps you hear the sounds better. The left valve is unlocked by striking the pipes on the ceiling of the isolation room with a melee weapon. A special sound can be heard when you are doing this correctly. There will be 5 segments that need to be struck 10 times each.

Opening the valves – Do the following in order:

  • Left Valve 9 times
  • Right Valve 6 times
  • Left Valve 2 times
  • Right Valve 3 times


That’s not all though. After further investigation, the pipes in the room are actually dripping a morse code which when decoded reveals the message ‘‘.

Battlefield V

When punched into a browser that reveals a site with the date May 23, 2018 which is now expected to the Battlefield V’s reveal date ahead of E3. The question is, will it be set in WWII or will EA surprise us? We’ll know soon enough


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