Best Healers In Wuthering Waves Baizhi
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Best Baizhi team comps in Wuthering Waves

Anyone need heals?

Baizhi has quickly become my favorite healer and support character in Wuthering Waves. She’s dynamic in her setup, which can make her a threat. However, knowing the best Baizhi team comps in Wuthering Waves can bring out the best in her.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Baizhi team comps

This four-star healer can help her team last and provide damage boosts to any one character. The only fault that I have found is that unlike the other support character Verina who’s abilities cover the whole team, Bazihi can only do single target moves for the most part. Still, Baizhi is one of the best healers in the game.

So let’s run through some team comps that utilize her best aspects. 

Best comps for Baizhi in Wuthering Waves

Each of the following team compositions is not ranked, they offer a different play style which is what Wuthering Wave is about. The more you experiment with other characters or different combos, the more you can adjust to the ever-changing meta of the RPG.

Balanced comp for Baizhi

Best Baizhi team comps in Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Rover – DPS
  • Aalto – Sub DPS
  • Baizhi – Support

Now, Rover helps emphasize the balanced part of this setup, to the point where they can be used in many other comps as well.  But the stand-out aspect of Rover for this group is the damage. At a base level, Rover is a great attacker, they can push the enemy off its feet faster. Plus, most of Rover’s kit is built around Spectro Damage. To get the most out of that energy, use their basic attacks. The Intro Skill will set the pace of the fight by attacking an enemy in the air. However, to continue being the one in control, utilize the Outro Skill which slows down an area for about 3 seconds

Aalto can make great use of this time. He’s more of a ranged character which is why I put him as the Sub DPS. What I like about this four-star attacker is that he quickly finishes the fight and also not take much damage. This is done by his Resonance Skill. He creates Mist Avatars that take a portion of his health. After, they generate six Mist Bullets that cause a good amount of damage. If you quickly build up his Resonance Skill, throwing out those distractions could make it easier for either Rover or Baizhi to finish up.

Since this comp has two great attackers, you should lean more into buffing one of them rather than healing with Baizhi. Whenever she leaves the field, her Outro Skill heals a character but gives them a good damage boost too. It’s good knowing you have options, so deciding which of the two gets that is going to be the challenge. But, her Resonance Liberation restores health and also generates four echoes which could have different properties. Based on that, you can change up how you fight depending on what Echoes you’ve got equipped. 

Mobility comp for Baizhi

Wuthering Waves Yangyang Line Up
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Yangyang – DPS
  • Chixia – Sub DPS
  • Baizhi – Support

Right after Rover in terms of damage, I think Yangyang is a great alternative. On top of that, she offers the same crowd-control move set seen in Sanhua. Her Resonace Skill creates a whirlwind that throws any nearby enemies into the middle of it all while dealing Aero Damage.

However, since Yangyang is an offensive character, you can follow up via basic attacks to further keep the momentum going. Her Intro Skill can start the engagement with a bang by sending the enemy into the air. However, her Outro Skill is far more interesting. When you switch to another character that uses an Outro Skill, she gets four Resonance Energy charges for a little over five seconds. Since Outro Skills are active most of the time, and if you’re switching characters often, building up her Resosnace Skill can be done quickly.

By using the same tactic as above, when those enemies are grouped, switch to Chixia, who is another ranged attacker. Because when enemies are in one area, use her basic attack to land four shots dealing Fusion Damage. I’d also suggest throwing in her heavy attack, but you’d need to aim more for it.

On the other hand, it’ll do more damage. However, before doing that, her Intro Skill shoots a target rapidly. When you chain this with her basic move set, clearing up the zone could come with ease. Finally, to make sure the enemies take even more of a beating, her Outro Skill releases a shockwave that does 695.1 percent of damage to an area. 

For this setup, it’s good to boost both the DPS’s attacks as that’s done by Baizhi’s Outro Skill. However, I suggest switching and healing Yangyang because her attack move set is more aggressive than Chixias. Then, with the damage boost that she gets from Bazhi, Yangyang can hold her own even more so. You can attack Bazhi with this group, but I suggest you lean more into her support role.

The other attackers are already outputting above-average damage, and Bazhi wouldn’t make that much of an impact. So, by using her Resosnace Skill calls in You’tan and deals damage but heals everyone as well. This team-up will see her taking more of a backseat in terms of being active. But, you’ll be using her skills more to enhance the other two characters.

Control comp for Baizhi

Wuthering Waves Sanhua Line Up
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Sanhua – DPS
  • Jianxin – Sub DPS
  • Baizhi – Support

As the title states, this group-up is great for controlling the fight and making sure the enemy is being dedicated by your actions. Sanhua and Bazhi already make a great team in terms of balance, but when you throw Jianxin in the mix, you can easily pull the fight in your favor.

Let’s start with the main attacker, Sanhua. For ground control and to start the fight on the right foot with her Intro Skill. She can create an Ice throne dealing damage to a small area. When you follow up with her Heavy Attack Detonate which causes all the Ice Thrones, Prisms, and Glaciers to explode which causes quite a lot of damage. Then, once the enemies are hurting, switch to Jianxin. When you do, Sanhua’s Outro Skill comes into effect, which gives the next character a damage boost for a short period. 

To set the tone of the fight with Jianxin, start hammering away and use her heavy attack often. This will build up her Chi to a point. When she has enough Chi stored, her heavy attacks become Primordial Chi Spiral. When you reach this point, she goes into Zhoutian Progress state, which gives her resistance and a damage boost.

You’ll be attacking using Chi which in turn generates a shield around you. However, to make this happen, do not get interrupted because the chain will break, and you’ll need to start over. Additionally, her Resonace Skill pulls enemies together. When they’re all grouped up you can back to Sanhua and do AoE damage, or switch to Baizhi and chip away at their health.

If you opt to switch to Baizhi once Jianxin has grouped the enemies, her Intro Skill will make use of that play. She summons You’tan who does a dive attack. This causes damage but also heals up nearby friendlies. What I like about her is that her kit is contextual.

Her attacks can keep the pressure on by causing Glacio Damage, and they can offer breathing room via her healing skills. The Outro Skill is something to keep in mind when rotating to another character. She heals a character by 1.5  percent of the health that she has for about three seconds. On top of that, any character who’s getting healed by her gets a damage boost of 15 percent lasting for six seconds. So don’t keep her on the battlefield that long unless you need to. 

Now you know what compositions work well for Baizhi, you should also know team comps for Jiyan in Wuthering Waves

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