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Best healers in Wuthering Waves, ranked

Two solid choices and one that can work in a pinch

The further you get in Wuthering Waves, the more likely it is to come across a level 100 enemy while your characters are level 40. When this happens, you’ll wish you had a proper healer to make sure you can escape with your life. That’s why we’re going to take a look at the best healers in Wuthering Waves and rank them based on how good they are and how well they work with overall team comps.

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Wuthering Waves — Best healers, ranked

Wuthering Waves Baizhi

Much like Genshin Impact, WuWa is all about pulling for the next best 5-star character. However, certain ones are made to work better as healers, damage dealers, or secondary damage. Even if you don’t want to spend the money to try and get better characters, the free-to-play comps are fairly viable.

Out of all the characters in Wuthering Waves, there are currently two main healers and one character with a healing ability. If you’re looking for your next 5-star character, or want to find out which characters give you the better healing, take a look at our list below. Our list will be going from best to worst character, starting with the overall best healer in the game.

#1 — Verina

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Verina is by far the best healer in Wuthering Waves, having some pretty insane team comps. Her entire kit is tailored around providing the maximum amount of heals to herself and the rest of her team.

Not to mention Verina’s Resonance ability can absorb photosynthesis to heal herself and her team. She’ll be a hard character to top on the healing list for the foreseeable future of Wuthering Waves. But if you’re like me, and choose Calcharo for your free 5-star, there is a 4-star alternative for those without Verina.

#2 — Baizhi

Best Healers In Wuthering Waves Baizhi
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Baizhi is the other option you’ll have for a dedicated healer, mainly because there aren’t any other healers available at this moment. But that doesn’t mean she’s completely useless. In fact, she has one of the best support abilities in the entire game.

If you can raise Baizhi’s Resonance Chain to level 5, you’ll receive an ability that allows you to revive a downed ally to 100% of their health every 10 minutes. This, along with her Resonance Liberation ability that restores health to the entire team, puts Baizhi as a worthy backup for Rovers lacking some flowers.

#3 — Jianxin (kinda)

Best Healers In Wuthering Waves Jianxin
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Finally, Jianxin is placed on this list since they are one of the only non-healer characters that actually has a healing ability for her team. Her team comps are fairly good, and she can play the role of support if she’s needed. Jianxin’s healing can be attributed to her Forte Circuit ability, which grants her a shield and healing for a set amount of time.

Where this comes in handy, is the fact that you can swap out characters after using this ability, and the shield as well as the healing abilities will transfer to the next character. Use this ability to help your characters get out of a bind, should they find themselves low on health. But don’t expect Jianxin to do any amount of big team heals like the other two healers on the team.

As you get closer to the endgame content of Wuthering Waves, having a dedicated healing source helps greatly in staying alive. Just make sure you’re also keeping in mind the elemental weaknesses and resistances, as they can impact late-game content heavily.

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