Best Black Pearl Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)
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Best Black Pearl Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Unleash a legendary damage dealer

Black Pearl is a Legendary Cookie and deals damage worthy of that title. This Cookie is so strong that she could become your team’s primary damage dealer. If you want to get the most out of this unit, let me show you the best Black Pearl Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

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Black Pearl is an Ambush-Type cookie, which means she excels at dealing damage and causing chaos among enemy ranks. To aid this, I recommend a full set of Swift Chocolate Toppings. Swift Chocolate grants cooldown reduction, which means Black Pearl can use her devastating Duskgloom’s Sovereign more often.

Duskgloom’s Sovereign is a deadly ability with a ton of different effects. Upon activation, Black Pearl dives under the enemy team and creates a whirlpool, which lingers and deals periodic damage. Enemies caught by Duskgloom’s Sovereign gain several debuffs, including reduced healing. 

As this ability is so strong, we want to see it as often as possible.

Should I use Black Pearl in Arena?

Black Pearl is just as lethal in Arena as she is everywhere else. If you’re pivoting to Arena, you may get more mileage from a set of Solid Almond Toppings instead. With Solid Almonds, we swap Cooldown Reduction for DMG Resistance, which should keep Black Pearl in play for longer. 

While Cooldown Reduction is nice, it may not be as effective against opponents who build their teams for maximum damage.

Can I mix toppings for Black Pearl?

While you technically can go for a combination of Toppings, focusing on just one type will have a more significant impact. Sticking to one Topping can patch up a Cookie’s weaknesses or make their strengths more potent. Maximizing a particular stat is usually better than spreading out minor buffs.

If you’re lucky enough to own Snapdragon and have no idea what toppings to use on them, check out our guide for a crash course.

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