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When you reach Solm in Fire Emblem Engage, you’re greeted to a host of new characters to meet. One of these new characters is the female Wolf Knight Merrin. Merrin is one of the retainers of Princess Timerra, and is great to use in combat. If you’re having issues finding the right build for her, here’s our guide on best class and gifts for Merrin in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Merrin in Fire Emblem Engage

The best class for Merrin in Fire Emblem Engage is the Wolf Knight class. This is the class Merrin comes into the party as, and its higher mobility versus the thief class makes it the preferred knife class. Wolf Knight can also be classed into other proficiencies. There are options for sword, axe, and lance alongside the knife proficiency it offers. This means the class is versatile, filling a hole in your team based on your need.

Knives in Fire Emblem Engage are dangerous weapons too, the way they upgrade is to add damage to every upgrade stage unlike other weapons. Meaning that the knives in Engage are more dangerous than ever before.

Merrin Fire Emblem Engage Stat Screen

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Best skills

The Wolf Knight really finds its place in the party when you give them Emblem Lyn’s ‘Alacrity’ skill. This skill allows you to attack twice before the enemy can counter if your speed stat is high enough.

Merrin seems to be lacking in the strength department, with her growth rate for strength a measly 25. This means you should probably buff her up with the strength bonus skills you can inherit from Emblem Roy. If you have the DLC pass, Emblem Edelgard also offers a bonus to strength, alongside a bonus to dexterity all in one skill.

When it comes to other skills usable for Merrin inside her best class in Fire Emblem Engage, there’s also ‘Knife Precision,’ which increases Hit/Avo while using knives. There’s also ‘Perceptive’ from Emblem Marth, which increases Avo during combat when the unit initiates it.

If you’re curious about which Emblem Rings to use with Merrin, check out our Best Ring Pairings Guide.

Merrin Fire Emblem Engage Gifts

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Best Gifts

Merrin appreciates gifts that show you get what she likes. She enjoys wildlife based gifts such as Animal Treats, Horn, Bear Carving, Antler Earrings, Butterfly Net, Dried Meat, and Field Guide. While she also enjoys some weapon based gifts too, such as Utility Knife, Fancy Dagger and Sharp Chisel. She also gets a support boost from the standard support-raising gifts, these are the Spirit Gem and Pretty Pebble gifts.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

Fire Emblem Engage is available to purchase on the Nintendo Store.

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