Best default loadout in MW3 ranked

Best default loadout in MW3 ranked
Image: PC Invasion

As a new player, it’ll take a few matches to unlock the ability to create your own class. Before then, you have several premade loadouts you can try to get a feel of combat in MW3. Fortunately, there are a few excellent presets and enough variety for every playstyle. These are my picks for the best default loadout in MW3, ranked.

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Top 3 default loadouts in MW3

Loadouts are heavily dependent on your playstyle, but out of the selection, these are the three I had the most success with. Even if you start late, it’s great that several default loadouts are strong enough that you won’t feel left behind.

#3 Infiltrator

Best default loadout in MW3 ranked
Image: PC Invasion

Infiltrator has a vicious perk lineup with Covert Sneakers and Ghost T/V Camo. This combo keeps you off the radar and makes your footsteps silent, which is a phenomenal combination for a prebuilt loadout.

Even the equipment in this build is good. Flash Grenades and Semtex are 2 of the most popular throwables in Call of Duty, with good reason.

The only things letting Infiltrator down are the weapons themselves. The WSP Swarm isn’t terrible, but it’s got short range, and the magazine quickly runs dry thanks to the fast fire rate. The Tyr is a fun Pistol, but the awkward trigger action takes getting used to.

#2 Demolitionist

Best default loadout in MW3 ranked
Image: PC Invasion

Demolitionist is a deadly default class for a few reasons. The MTZ-556 is a fantastic Assault Rifle, fully kitted with a superb optic. The rifle has a grenade launcher, but I recommend sticking to regular gunfire for the best results.

On top of a solid primary, the Demolitionist class has an RPG that is hilarious to use on objective modes. Nothing beats an explosive multi-kill out of nowhere, and you’ve got Breacher Drones to cause more fiery mayhem.

The Gloves, Boots, and Gear could be better, but this loadout is versatile enough to get the job done on multiple maps.

#1 Combat Controller

Best default loadout in MW3 ranked
Image: PC Invasion

I may rate the Striker a little too highly, but it’s a dangerous SMG that can go toe to toe with many Assault Rifles. The Combat Controller build for the SMG is decent and works on small to medium-sized maps.

You likely won’t get much use out of the secondary weapon, but the COR-45 is serviceable if your Striker runs out of bullets.

If the Striker wasn’t good enough, the Combat Controller loadout also shines in the perks department. The Scavenger Gloves and Covert Sneakers are superb, as you’ll never run out of ammo and can flank and sneak around undetected. The Blacklight Flashlight reveals enemy footprints, and combined with everything else, you have the perfect loadout for hunting players.

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