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10 Best Destiny 2 Merchandise & Gifts For 2024

"Cayde, When this is over, I’ll talk to Holliday about getting you that tank”

With the rapidly approaching final days of the Light and Dark saga of Destiny 2, there has been no better time to buy merchandise and gifts to commemorate the monumental game. Here are some of the best on the market as a treat for yourself or for others.

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Destiny 2 merchandise and gifts

Over more than a decade of success, the sheer volume of memorabilia available to players for Destiny 2 is astounding. Luckily, I am here to find those diamonds in the rough.

10. Ghost Shell figurine

This gift will look fantastic on any Destiny 2 fan’s desk or bookshelf. I would love one to sit beside me as I work, keeping a watchful eye while I type away. The ghosts are such a recognizable part of the Destiny 2 games that even people unfamiliar with the game will recognize this fantastic piece of merch. It is lovingly crafted and available in many styles.

9. Replica Chalice of Oppulence

Chalice Of Oppulence Destiny 2 Gift
Image: Numbskull

Become Emperor Calus himself with the genuine Chalice of Oppulence. Nobody will question your power and greed when you’re sipping your Monster Energy out of this huge, showy chalice. Keep it as a display piece, or use it in your local bar. Either way, as a great piece of Destiny 2 merchandise, it is a wonderful throwback to the Season of Oppulence.

8. Hive Worm plushie

Of all the creatures to cuddle up with on a cold rainy day or as you drift off to sleep, I wouldn’t say the Hive Worm is most people’s first pick. However, as a Destiny 2 gift, I think it’s a pretty funny one. Not every cuddly toy has to be cute; some can be terrifying, too.

Destiny 2 neon merchandise
Image: Amazon

Hanging the Destiny 2 logo on your wall is never a bad thing for any fan of the game. This piece of Destiny 2 merchandise makes a statement and is a seriously cool gift for any player. It looks great hanging over a gaming setup or even just around the house and adds that sweet Neomuna neon ambiance.

6. Destiny 2 engram pins

These simple yet eye-catching pins would be perfect gifts for any Destiny 2 player. Nothing hits the spot more than seeing a nice purple or even gold engram sitting, waiting, for any Destiny 2 player on a corpse-strewn battlefield. Commemorate the moment with these Engram pins as gifts.

5. Ace of Spades Handcannon replica gift

Ace Of Spades Destiny 2 Merchandise
Image: Etsy

The Ace of Spades is a gift in the last will and testament of Cayde-6; may he ever rest in peace. This piece of Destiny 2 merch is more than just a gift, it is a memorial to one of the better fallen soldiers we lost during the Light and Dark campaign. This well-crafted and wicked-looking weapon comes life-size and would be the perfect gift for any cosplayer or Destiny 2 fan.

4. Give the gift of Glimmer

Glimmer has been in the game so long that most of us players don’t even see it anymore. However, as a gift, it’s shiny, beautiful, and has an intrinsic value. We all hold it close to our hearts, and it’ll look great on any desk or even bedside table. The perfectly modeled piece of Destiny 2 Glimmer would work well as a nightlight or accessory.

3. Drifter BROTHER Destiny 2 T-shirt

Brotherrrr. Yeah, this t-shirt made me chuckle, and so it has to make it to the list. There aren’t many people who can pull off that phrase and make it sound cool, but I think our favorite Gambit Champion gets away with it. This one is the perfect inside joke gift for Destiny 2 fans.

2. Ghost bottle opener

Destiny 2 Bottle Opener Gift
Image: Numbskull

Sure, the Ghosts of Destiny 2 are supposed to be the key to eternal life and contact with the Traveler, but what if they also had a higher purpose? With this piece of Destiny 2 merchandise, you can gift a Ghost for the sole purpose of opening bottles. Is it sacrilege? Maybe. Is it cool as hell? Yup.

1. Cloak of Tanik Destiny 2 gift

This one is by far the most expensive on the list, but that’s because it is a handmade cloak of Tanik, the mercenary of Destiny 2. You could wear this to church, to the bar, or even to bed. It is a seriously cool piece of handmade Destiny 2 merch that would be a well-loved gift for any player.

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