Starfield Best Food And Consumables
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Best food & consumables in Starfield

Consume only the best.

While finishing missions in Starfield or exploring different planets, different situations will come where you will lose health. Food and consumables are your best friends in these situations as they will let you replenish your lost health. There are also several food items that will grant you different kinds of stat boosts, making the overall gameplay easier for you. You can acquire these food items in the form of loot from several places, or you can also craft certain food items. No matter how you get it, food and consumables are key to your survival in Starfield. In this guide, we will give you a list of the best food and consumables in Starfield so you have a clear idea of which items to keep in your inventory all the time. 

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Best food and consumables in Starfield

Alien Kebab Starfield Food and Consumables

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The list of food and consumables in Starfield is vast. However, not all of them will prove useful for your inventory. Any food or consumables that give you two or more benefits can be considered good. Here are 15 food and consumables in Starfield that might be worth keeping in your inventory all the time. 

Food and Consumable Effects
Alien Kebabs
  • Restores 15 Health
  • +75 Energy Resistance for 8m 
Chai Latte
  • Restores 10 Health
  • +15 O2 for 5m
  • +20% O2 Recovery for 5m
  • Restores 20 Health
  • +2% XP Gain for 30m
Chicken Masala
  • Restores 15 Health
  • +8 Carry Capacity for 5m
Creature Jam
  • Restore 15 Health
  • +100 Energy Resistance for 8m
Dawn’s Roost Strip
  • Restore 15 Health
  • +14 O2 for 10m
Doro Wat
  • Restores 25 Health
  • +18 O2 for 10m
Fully-Loaded Bloody Mary
  • Restores 15 Health
  • +25 O2 for 5m
  • +125 Damage Resistance for 5m
  • -25% O2 Recovery for 5m
Galaxy LO Mein
  • Restores 25 Health
  • +200 Damage Resistance for 12m
  • +200 Energy Resistance for 12m
Grandpa’s Meatloaf
  • Restores 25 Health
  • +125 Damage Resistance for 10m
  • +2% XP Gain for 120m
Jemison Wellington
Liver Pate
  • Restore 15 Health
  • +10% O2 Recovery for 10m
Nebula Wat
  • Restores 25 Health
  • +12% Movement Speed for 12m
  • +150 Damage Resistance for 12m
Pappardekke Volognese
  • Restores 25 Health
  • +2% XP Gain for 60m
Red Trench
  • +40% Melee Damage for 3m
  • +300 Damage Resistance for 3m
Star Cluster Marsala
  • Restores 20 Health
  • +15 Carry Capacity for 12m
  • +175 Damage Resistance for 12m
Stellar Kebabs
  • Restores 20 Health
  • +175 Energy Resistance for 12m
  • +20% O2 Recovery for 12m
Supermassive Black Heart
  • Slows time by 50% for 10s
  • +40% Movement Speed for 10s
  • +5% Power Recovery for 10s
  • +25% Damage for 10s
UC Battlemeal Multipack
  • Restores 20 Health
  • +8 Carry Capacity for 8m
The Rack
  • Restores 20 Health
  • +14 O2 for 12m

Note: These items are not ranked according to any order. Most of these items might not be unlocked for you from the beginning of the game. Certain items can only be unlocked after progressing through the food research projects in Starfield. 

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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